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Question of the day… Things that make you go hmmmm

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So I've done the whole lotion, shampoo,conditioner,and deodorant.. all those things that were suggested to be done to stay on pop, not to use any thing with oil. But I haven't worn gloves while removing fat from chicken. Do you think it makes a difference and should I be wearing gloves while doing that? Over the last two days I have been cutting chicken and removing all of the fat without gloves on and in those past two days I have only had a .2 loss each day. And last night I got some extra virgin olive oil on my hands by accident while cooking for my sweet hubby, I washed my hands quickly but I still wonder. coincidence or just my time to have a few days with low loss after having a really good run so far?

To glove or not to glove?..
Like I said previously, things that make you go hmmmmm...........

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Updated July 9th, 2015 at 06:43 AM by LV2SKI



  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    To glove. I use these thin hospital staff type gloves. We originally got them for doo-doo patrol in our camper, but they come in mighty handy when I handle meat and other things fatty. I imagine our bodies are sensitive to fat right now because we eating basically NONE. I just put mineral oil on my legs this morning because I couldn't take the reptile skin I was developing. I'm so **** about fat I'm using the HCG-safe shampoo and conditioner even though I have curly hair and it makes it frizzy. I figure I can stand anything for a little over a month. I use my surgical gloves when I want to put gel in my hair so it doesn't mess with my endocrine system.
  2. LV2SKI's Avatar
    Abs Lol at the doo doo patrol
    Well I'm a very analytical kinda girl and seeing the low losses over these last few days make me analyze ... Yes I've stayed pop, yes I know the losses can/will slow,yes I handles fat and evoo got on my hands, yes I had big losses first week....
    Sooooo I'm going with the gloves ... My sweet hubby is probably going to be scratching his head at me, but I already mentioned it.

    My question is trying to find a moisturizer that is oil free other than mineral oil..
    Is glycerin a big no no too?i find thing listed with no oil but have glycerin.

    Guess I should be asking that question in the ask question section... Not many replies to the blog, but I can see all you lurkers out there reading this