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Melba Toast

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Did I read in the protocol that you can omit the melba toast or bread stick in P2? Anyone know?

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  1. Abinco's Avatar
    Yes you can. Just make sure you are taking in 500-515 cals a day.
  2. tashajo's Avatar
    It says you can. I haven't had one since I started on 11 days ago. They make me crave other carbs and chips cause of the crunch I think. I just stay away from them and I eat a little more protein and I am losing pretty good. I think so anyways. 17 pounds in 11 days. I have really been missing non protocol food though these last 2 days. Today has been the worst though. Maybe I will snack on a melba toast and see if that doesn't help my cravings.!
  3. lynnwardrobe's Avatar
    Thanks, I thought so but couldn't find it. I agree with your thoughts on Melba just being a giant teaser. I'm trying anything within the protocol to make these pounds budge! So I'm uping my protein slighty, very slight and omitting the Melba staying at 500 calories we'll see what my body does next....