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Maggie Mae

  1. Vlcd2

    I am pooped.

    I worked at the zoo all day and must have logged in 5 miles running around from one exhibit to another. And it was warm so I sweated a lot. Right now I'm laying in bed, looking at the clock, trying to come up with some excuse not to do to derby practice, but I missed last week so I really should go.

    Oh! Weighed in this morning at 173, 3.2 pounds down!!! And just now jumped back on the scale and it's 171. Seriously!! I can't believe it. If I hit ...
  2. Vlcd1

    Took an ambien last night because I couldn't sleep. With all the stress of my husband going out of state for work for a while and starting this new diet, I had only gotten about 4 hours of sleep total in two days. I hate taking my sleeping pills, but I'm so glad I did! I woke up with a great pep in my step and ready for my first VLCD!!

    Had a busy day. Took the car in for an oil change, ran across the valley to pickup a changing table (and load it into my car - that wiped me ...
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  3. Just need to vent...

    I'm tired. Couldn't sleep last night. I was too full from loading, I missed my husband, I couldn't get off the hcg forum. Got to bed at 5:00am. Weighed myself first (up 1.5 pounds) and took my morning hcg.

    Woke up at 8:30am. Ate 4 cinnamon rolls and a drank a glass of whole milk. Shut off my crock pot creation from last night (6 diced tomatoes, 600 grams of cooked lean steak cut into cubes, chili power and water) into 6 containers.

    My plan for today was ambitious. ...
    Tags: loading, tired
  4. Loading Sucks.

    I really don't like eating all this food. But, I know if I don't load properly, I won't lose properly.

    So the eatin' list for today, Load Day 1:

    Coffee with creamer
    Peanut Butter Protein Bar
    Omelet with jack cheese, avocado and green chilies
    Bowl of fruit
    Large buttermilk biscuit
    Taco Bell Nachos Bell Grande
    Ice Tea
    Ben and Jerry's Coffee and Heath Ice Cream
    4 Smallish Pilsbury Cinnamon rolls ...
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  5. One more day....

    One more day I start loading. Which also means it's only one more day until my husband leaves. This time for 7 weeks. I hate this day. I'm doing all his laundry and trying not to look sad. My first day on the diet is tomorrow. Up at 6:00am. Sneak in my drops (the hubs doesn't know about the HCG) and then take him to the airport. Cry. Then find an IHOP to start loading. Stop crying a realize I am about embark on a fantastic weight loss journey.

    But for now, right ...
  6. Getting Excited! Excuse my rambling...

    This is my first blog entry ever, on any blog, and I'm not a big writer, but here it goes...

    Now I know that 30 pounds doesn't sound like much to some people, but for me it might as well be 100. Being post menopause isn't helping to lose the weight. And it's always been hard for me to lose weight. And with all my health problems over the past years, I've been depressed, which makes it even harder to lose weight.

    Little background on me. 38, no kids, two dogs. ...