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  1. P3, Day 1 - need calories

    Start Weight: 272.7
    LIW: 253.4
    CW: 254.4

    P3 started last night with a rotisserie chicken and yellow squash. It was amazing! My boyfriend said it was the best squash he's had in a long time...so I showed him the coconut oil I cooked it in. Yum Yum!

    I planned a full day of meals for us...but somehow only came up with 872 calories! That can't be right. I'm building towards 1500 calories, I've learned from history more does not work for me. He's building ...
  2. Hello P3

    Well, it wasn't as successful as I would have liked, but being out of town two weekends during my round didn't help.
    My pants are too big, my back stopped hurting, so both are big successes!

    I needed a short round (23 days, the minimum) in order to be able to celebrate at a friend's upcoming bachelorette party, bridal shower and wedding. The day after the wedding in March I'll start Round 2 - March 22nd.

    For now....hello P3! 48 hours after ending drops is this ...