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  1. P3, Day 1 - need calories

    Start Weight: 272.7
    LIW: 253.4
    CW: 254.4

    P3 started last night with a rotisserie chicken and yellow squash. It was amazing! My boyfriend said it was the best squash he's had in a long time...so I showed him the coconut oil I cooked it in. Yum Yum!

    I planned a full day of meals for us...but somehow only came up with 872 calories! That can't be right. I'm building towards 1500 calories, I've learned from history more does not work for me. He's building ...
  2. Hello P3

    Well, it wasn't as successful as I would have liked, but being out of town two weekends during my round didn't help.
    My pants are too big, my back stopped hurting, so both are big successes!

    I needed a short round (23 days, the minimum) in order to be able to celebrate at a friend's upcoming bachelorette party, bridal shower and wedding. The day after the wedding in March I'll start Round 2 - March 22nd.

    For now....hello P3! 48 hours after ending drops is this ...
  3. meatloaf, walden farms ketchup, and loss!

    Boyfriend and I last night were dying for something 'hearty', so we used the meatloaf recipe from my favorite hcg cooking blog

    We also used Walden Farms Ketchup instead of making some, it tasted great!

    If you make this recipe I highly recomend cutting the spices down unless you really like the flavor of basil and oregano. I made 16 oz of meat and tripled the spices, I think I would reduce them further, too. But, for the sake of honesty I will post her recipe in her ...
  4. Cheater cheater

    This weekend I chaperoned a weekend retreat for middle school kids at a local church camp. It was so much fun! I did great (mostly) on food. I had made a giant batch of broccoli and chicken stir fry - p2 appropriate, for my boyfriend and I to eat. The kids were supportive of us eating on-protocol. We should have been fine....Apple for breakfast, stir fry for lunch, no snacking, gave away all of our sweets....

    buuuut when we opened our cooler for dinner on Saturday night, we found ...
  5. TOM, success, church retreat

    Oops, forgot to log!!
    TOM just started 2 days early, oops! I'm still settling coming off of depo and starting a new job, but it's alwasy within 2 days of the rigth time. I seem to remember HCG messing with my period last time, but this time there's no gain, there's no cramps...just daily life!
    I don't know how to handle TOM on hcg...do you increase veggies or anything to compensate for blood loss?

    Weigh-in today was a good moment for me -- my goal for this round is only ...
  6. Let's Go to the Movies!

    I declared Date Night tonight. My boyfriend and I are on day 5 of HCG now, and I want to see The Hobbit! He wants movie snacks. I have no idea what to give him =\

    The Numbers:
    Pre-load: 269.2
    Post-load: 272.7
    VLCD1: 269.6 (-3.1)
    VLCD2: 267.2 (-2.4)
    VLCD3: 265.4 (-1.8)
    VLCD 4: 264.4 (-1)
  7. VLCD 3 - the cookies

    VLCD 3 went well. No hunger, no complaints....until I went to church last night.

    I'm going through confirmation right now, and the sweet ladies who come and watch 'all the cute kids' (I'm the adult in the middle school class) go through confirmation insist on bringing snacks. I successfully avoided them, but man, the will power! I'm sitting with a giant container of reeses chips ahoy in front of me going 'no...no....no...'
    I finally had one of the guys move the cookies away. ...
  8. Hungry and tired - VLCD 2 / Spicy Beef recipe link

    Here goes! I know the tiredness wears off after a few days, but I'm really tired! Also a bit hungry. I've started spacing my fruit out between meals, as Dr. Simeons says is possible. It does help, so that's great!

    This round will be short - my boyfriend is sticking with me out of sheer determination for one round, but already fed up with foods. I have drops to continue after, so this round will be either 23 days or as long after that as he can make it (we were saying 2/13 earlier), ...
  9. Vlcd p2d1

    Pre-load: 269.2
    Post-load: 272.9

    I can't believe I ate so much and gained so little. I'm used to gaining much morei n a load--I was expecting 4-8 pounds.

    Ah well, here we go!
    VLCD1 is here, lunch is chicken, celery and an orange. Dinner tonight is probably chicken kabobs or chicken and squash. Yay!
  10. Here Goes! - R1 Prep

    Pre-HCG: 269.2

    I informed my boyfriend that I would be starting a round of HCG. His response..."well, can I do it to?"
    So excited to have a partner in crime.

    I've done this once before, years ago. Went from 241 to 217 in a 40 day round.
    I'm writing down memories from that time -- I know I can handle peppers and ground turkey on P2, and have a recipe list going

    P3 I had to restrict sodium, but nothing I ate really made me gain weight. ...

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