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Cheater cheater

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This weekend I chaperoned a weekend retreat for middle school kids at a local church camp. It was so much fun! I did great (mostly) on food. I had made a giant batch of broccoli and chicken stir fry - p2 appropriate, for my boyfriend and I to eat. The kids were supportive of us eating on-protocol. We should have been fine....Apple for breakfast, stir fry for lunch, no snacking, gave away all of our sweets....

buuuut when we opened our cooler for dinner on Saturday night, we found the ice had melted and flooded our dinner! We ate huge salads, but also had a small serving of spaghetti and a breadstick with our meals, as it was the only source of protein. We had spent the day running around and hiking with the kids, so I didn't want to be short energy and nutrients as a result.

I was happily surprised to find I had lost weight this week, despite the cheating! Granted, my losses would have been higher, but we did survive!

Pre-load: 269.2
Post-load: 272.7
VLCD1: 269.6 (-3.1)
VLCD2: 267.2 (-2.4)
VLCD3: 265.4 (-1.8)
VLCD4: 264.4 (-1)
VLCD5: 262.6 (-0.8)
VLCD6: 261.2 (-1.4)
VLCD7: 260.8 (-0.4)
VLCD8: 261.6 (+0.8) Tea
VLCD9: 260.4 (-1.2)
VLCD10: 260.4
VLCD11: 258.4 (-2) TOM start
VLCD14: 257.4 (-1) TOM end, post-church retreat

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