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R2P2 Vlcd17-Major Changes

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Well, today's loss was pretty good for being this far into a round, .6 of a pound. I am happy with that. Major stress and changes in life for me right now which might have hindered the loss. Tuesday night I got a call about a job interview, they wanted to see me asap, so I went in yesterday and had a 2 hour interview with the manager and assistant! Went great, they really like me and want to hire me. So today I had a phone interview with the HR manager-was great because it saved me an hour each way in travel time. Went good too, had the baby with me and he was NOT quiet like I hoped, but she was understanding and pretty laid back about it. But at the end of the conversation, she told me I needed to meet with the regional manager! Holy crap! This is not a high skill job! So I have yet another interview tomorrow morning. The kicker in all of this is if they hire me, they want me to start training Monday-yes, this Monday! It is for two weeks straight, which REALLY screws with my plans! But in this economy, I can't be picky. So, we will see what happens tomorrow, feel like it is appropriate to ask for an answer so I can make plans and changes for the family.
This is such a huge change for me. I have not worked in almost 9 years, have been a SAHM and loved it. To be away from the kids so much has really been tough to wrap my brain around. Been pretty emotional when alone, going to be some tears on my part, I just know it. Not going to stress too much until after tomorrow, then I will be able to adjust and make plans for the next two weeks.
We are headed to a family reunion, well two actually! The first is Saturday, east of the mountains-looking forward to the sunshine! I have been so cold all the time lately. Not sure why. The second is Sunday for my chosen family. Can't wait to see my bff and her whole fam! Ready to get out of the house for a few days.
Well, off to have dinner and then a very hot shower-I'm FREEZING!!!!!

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  1. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Good Luck!!!