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R2P2 Vlcd31-Survived the week

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Well, I have made it to the weekend. Managed to make it through a second week of full time work. Only had to make the long drive for three days, then two in my regular position. I love it! Was so totally, completely freaked out yesterday, but then, of course, it was worse in my head than in reality. The people are amazingly wonderful and I like what i am doing.
Missing my family and feeling the squeeze at home, but holding things together. Trying to stay super organized and look ahead to keep things going. So glad I have some time to get in the groove before we throw school and all my volunteering duties in the mix.
Feeling sore tonight. Back is a bit tweaked. But I am so thankful that I have lost 50 pounds before getting this job. There would be no way I could stand all day with how my body felt before. I have so little back pain and foot pain now. The timing of all this has been such a blessing!
Feeling weepy tonight, must just be really tired. Trying to stay strong, but just want to give up on the diet. I have stalled again-trying to remember what I have done to my body and emotions and stress level for the past two weeks. I am sure that is it, but so wanted to finish this round with a bang. Still going to see it through, less than three weeks to go until P3. This round has seemed to last forever! I think it is because so much has happened and it just makes it feel 3 years long!
Hoping for a loss tomorrow...we shall see.

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