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R4P2 Vlcd1-Here we go...again

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Yes, again. But I am going to focus on the positive today and say, I made it through day 1.
So, I have had an easy day-spent most of it sleeping. Worn out from life and the past few weeks, then was out too late last night. So I rested and slept a ton. Had some hunger most of the day, but I don't think much of that was true caloric need in my body. I think most of it was mental and habit, and I know this will fade as the days go on. I am thinking about everything, making a choice every moment.
My brain is not up to thinking too deep tonight, I will journal more in the next couple days as I review my past posts and think through my goals, what changes need to be made to reach them and what is motivating me to get there.
I have set up the calendar, realizing it really is not that long, I can do this. Especially with the support and encouragement and accountability of my very best friend. We are in this together again and determined to uncover the root of our eating issues. This is the last time I will ever see these numbers, that is the promise I am making to myself.
Here's to another day of good choices.

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  1. auto's Avatar
    I've done just fine on my first 3 VLCD's this round. I think it's because of where our minds are at... Love you girl...