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Vlcd8-Happy Easter!

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Well, we had a great Easter. Lots of relaxing and time with family. Had my mom over for lunch and had grilled fish, salad, rolls and strawberry shortcake. Well, everyone else did, I just had salad and fish. But it was fine, no big issues. The day was a bit off my normal schedule, so I was a bit hungrier, but as soon as I had an apple this morning and then remembered I had only eaten half my food and made dinner, I was fine. Was a skip day for injections, so was a bit nervous about that but no issues. We will see how I feel tomorrow morning.
I was down another 0.5 today, so thrilled about that. I am choosing to look at everything as a loss of some sort. If it is a drop on the scale, fine. But I already have clothes that fit differently-wore a skirt today that I normally have to squeeze into, and only when wearing my Spanx. Well, wore it comfortably to church and all day today, without the Spanx! Also, I am losing the bondage to food. I am feeling more and more in control of my own body and food choices. So, everything is a loss somewhere.
On a random thankful to have a hubby that remembers things. I was telling him a story about a conversation I had with Auto about scratching my ankle (random I know), and he reminded me that is what I did when pregnant with our son. Both ankles itched so bad for almost the entire pregnancy. No where else, just the inside of my ankles. Well, both of my ankles are itching again. Don't know why, but something is triggering it, and I did not remember about the pregnancy thing until a couple days had gone by and he brought it up. I know that the amount of hcg in your system is incredibly higher when pregnant, but don't know what else it could be. Weird.
Anyway, feeling great, not hungry, attitude positive. Looking forward to Tuesday-day 10 of vlcd and measurement day. Don't expect big numbers, but will be nice to have something else to keep track of. Here we go on another week!

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  1. auto's Avatar
    Lol, my ankle hurts so bad! Socks rub on it, shoes rub on it! Why am I retarded enough to scratch til I bleed!?!? That was so funny, though. And good job on him making that connection; leave it to our honeys to know more about us than we do! he he!
    Great job eating with company over. Twice in the last few days even! Wow! You're teaching me; I'm going to have to do that while I'm out there next month. Nervous, but you'll get me off to a good start if I come stay with you that first weekend (can't wait! counting the days!!!)
    Love you!!! xoxoxoxoxo yours always, Auto