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Well the three of us myself, husband and our 19 year old son and 8 days into the first round of hHCG. I am down 6.5lbs, my husband 11.6lbs, our son 4.4lbs. So far so good we will have to see if it keeps up at this rate. Our son can't figure why he isn't loosing quicker. We will be leaving for a Christmas trip back home in a few days and I know we will be eating out a few times..."One is this to die for pizza place that we have loved since we were kids." The best ground sausage with extra fennel seed and 100% pure mozzarella smothered and bubbling on top with a corn meal crust...oh my!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    This is a difficult time of year to be on p2, with the traveling, family get-togethers and such--just do the best u can do. It should help that the three of u are in this together. Good luck. I don't understand why your son isn't losing easier,either. Maybe he's not drinking the water that he needs to be drinking? Just a thought. Good luck to all of u.
  2. Malissiajane's Avatar
    I don't think the family get-togethers will be much of an issues we will be avoiding the big eating days! But, my husband does plan on us eating out twice while we are on the road. We will see