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VLCD29 I can see the finish line!

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So I only have 9 days left! I'm on VLCD29 but day 31 (including loading days).. I can't believe it's almost over! I don't know if my drops are going to last the whole last 9 days! If I run out should I just consider that the end of P2 or should I stick it out without drops?

Anyways.. -1lb this morning! Woohoo! Not as big as i'd like but it's probably because I ate dinner so late! I don't usually do that.. and I wont do it again!

Happy weigh ins everyone!

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  1. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Good for you! Thats awesome! I would definately not continue VLCD for more than 3 days without the drops. Dr S warns that if you continue VLCD with no hcg in your system you will end up with protien defficency (prob spelled wrong) So finish your drops then do 3 days with no drops then start adding lots more protien and begin p3. There is lots of info on the p3 forum about how to start. Just make sure you get enough protien right off the bat then add new foods one at a time. Way to go! You are a rockstar!
  2. roganthaun's Avatar
    On the p3 forum, you can find a wealth of information regarding the beginning. First things first: make sure you're getting enough protein. Then, gradually introduce new meals. Great job! An absolute legend, you! geometry dash wave