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Marathon - not a 50 yard dash!

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That is the hardest idea to accept when you want an oreo!

Are these "hunger" pains or is it just my mind playing tricks on me?

This is ROUND two for me - Earlier in the year, I managed to loose 23 pounds. (Feb 2010) Unfortunately, I gained 14 of them back. This protocol is very difficult to maintain and requires a lot of self-motivation and will power. I was quite discouraged to think I had to "try again" but after much soul searching, I remembered - MARATHON. Life style change. I was very unsuccessful with P3 and didnt follow through P4 at all... This time - I will try harder, be better to myself.

There will be bad days - and there will be apple days. What happens in between is just training...for my marathon!

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  1. Canadiangirl's Avatar
    I am in the same boat as you. I am doing this for the second time around because I didn't follow though on P3 and P4. This time I have a game plan and will not fail!!! I am looking forward to the challenge.

    I know that having to do this and not doing it right the frist time you can really beat yourself up over it. But not this time! Good Luck you will have to let me know how you make out!
  2. Kim N's Avatar
    Best of luck this time around, you can do it!!! :O)
  3. Paul Pierantozzi's Avatar
    You can do it it does take a lot of will power that is for sure but i mean it is all worth it and truely try when you phases are done to wing yourself out of your diet and don't just jump back into everything because if you just hop back into the old habit of eating bad food then you have a greater chance to gain your weight back
  4. Kati's Avatar
    "There will be bad days - and there will be apple days."

    "There will be bad days - and there will be apple days."

    um...Marci, I think you're being a little redundant there!

    I'm just teasing!! I think you have such a great attitude, and that is such a great analogy to remind people of when they get so caught up on the scale going down each and every single day. Keeping the marathon metaphor in the back of your head really helps with the "big picture" perspective!