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March starters

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Quote Originally Posted by guccigurl View Post
Hey guys!! I just found this.. I am on R1P2 VLCD day number 12!!!!!! I am not going to lie!!! Today has been a really downer day, with 14 inches of new snow!! .. I am feeling really tired and weak, not to mention.. they brought doughnuts in this morning, and lunch for us this afternoon!!!! It is one of those days where I am doing everything in my power to not succumb to the temptation!!!! I am not hungry.. just the smell its driving me nuts!!!!!!!!
Some of my coworkers have started to be extremely annoyed and rude with me lately, because they see I am not partaking in the usual sweets, food, etc.
Anyone have any encouragement! I wanted to cheat.. but then I count to 100 and said DONT!!!!
On days you guys want to cheat? what advice do you have? For me its not a hunger thing, its a mental.. esp while sitting at my desk chugging numbers
HI NEW FRIENDS.. how is everyone doing?
I hope i actually posted this under your post Guccigurl,

I know waht you mean. I'm on Day 5 of VLCD on Day three I went out to dinner with friends at a Steakhouse. However all I did was drink water and tea. It was very challenging, but I gues the consequences of cheating and setbacks it can cause really keeps me motivated not to. As for the work place, my boss brought donuts yesterday, but I just steered clear of the kitchen. I'm determined to do this the right way. It's tough but you can do it. I haven't been able to get to this forum in a few days, but everytime I read the posts I find more strength in that. Please stay encouraged and know you have friends here supporting you.

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  1. Smashie's Avatar
    Marilynee, you posted this as YOUR blog entry. It was great advice though!
  2. Suzy's Avatar
    You're co-workers are just jealous because you are demonstrating your strength, courage and commitment to yourself to become a better you! This is a very big commitment, and you ought to be so very proud of yourself. I know what you mean about the smells. I'm on day 33. When my husband cooks his breakfast with ham or bacon, or makes cornbread, the smell drives me crazy, even though I'm not really hungry. Hang in there and keep focused on your goal. Use your imagination to feel yourself where you want to be. And, know you will get there. The temporary urges to cheat will always pass.
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    It's difficult at times. What's that they say, this protocol is hard, but being fat is hard, too. Think about how the extra weight makes u feel, especially coming up on spring and summer. Pick your "hard". I feel so much better at this thinner weight, it becomes a little easier to say no. Not easy all the time, granted. But when u do go off, make sure it's intentional, make sure you're not doing something just to make them feel better because you're joining in with them. If you go off your protocol, do it because u've made that decision, not people steering you to cheat with them. P2 eating, even p3 eating is all temporary, for a limited time. Our goal is to reach the point where we can ocassionally indulge, and still be thinner and healthier. Hang in there. Good luck.
  4. marielynee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Smashie
    Marilynee, you posted this as YOUR blog entry. It was great advice though!
    LOL I know I realized after it posted.
  5. Grammie50's Avatar
    Everyone said it all, but just one last thing, remember you are doing this for you and not for anyone else. And YOU will reap the benefits with a smaller, sexier, healthy body. I am tired of being fat and I am doing this for ME!!!!!

    Make it a great week!!! Be proud of yourself!