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Woo whoop! My order finally arrived 20 some days later! I am so excited to start! I read some posts today ababout taking this forgranted and it really struck a cord with me. I DON'T have the money to waste my hcg on cheating either and that will be added motivation to stick to protocol and start getting closer to my goal. I am kinda dismayed bc I recently tried Zumba and love it! I'm worried about continuing through p2, not bc I'm worried it will slow my losses I'm worried ill be dancing away and pass out ha ha. Ok not funny but seriously that would be embarrassing not to mention scary. So has anyone done Zumba in p2? Any thoughts?

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    I love zumba!! I havent done it in p2, but i will exercise. I either walk an hour a day or do the eliptical for 30 min. I just dont freak out if I cant exercise every day like i would on another diet plan. Its nice to not feel bad about skipping a day. But I dont want to get out of the habit either. I say try it and maybe dont go all out, but its different for every one. You wont gain weitgh, and make sure to drink extra water too.
  2. chunkynomore's Avatar
    She's right, def drink extra water, I would say atleast an extra liter. For me in the beginning water was the hardest part. Ok, Im still kind of at the beginning, but I mean the 1st few days. Dr S says to not do more exercise that you were doing prior to starting Hcg. I wouldn't do it as hard and heavy as you were at your peak, but it's still ok to do it.
  3. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thanks ladies! I only have time to go twice a week right now with work and school so I won't be able to over do it too much! I'm drinking about 3 liters a day now but during Zumba u could prob get in one more liter