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Yup yikes is right! The dr stole my ignorant bliss today by putting me on this ominous looking scale that measures to the .00. Boy was I surprised! I had NO idea the amound of weight i've put on since my last round. I'm actually quite flabbergasted because i've gained an additional 8lbs from the weight I was before starting hcg. I have been exercising like crazy since my last round but not weighing in and eating pretty much whatever. So i knew I would gain but just not that much! I have to think that the muscle i put on with weight training is somewhat responsible but 8 additional pounds?(thats 8 in addition to the 15 i lost on a 60 day round) Ok so i know, i'm no longer blissfully ignorant to what I weigh and I have to do something about it. I know this diet works if you stick with it, and i've been sucessfull in the past. Its time to buckle down and ride this train to the finish! I think i'll make a big pot of spicy chicken soup today for lunches this week. The more i'm prepared the easier it will be. I think i'll continue working out at a lower intensity as long as i can. Now seems like a good time after the bad news at the docs.

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