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I'm on the Highway to Health!

P3 Coming to end … what the ? When did that happen!?

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Seriously, I entered my weight this morning and was totally surprised to see I only have one more day of P3 left! The other surprise was that I only went over my 2 lb window twice. Once from eating avocado (didn’t agree with me) and the other from getting hit with a stomach bug on Sunday. Our bodies become inflamed when we’re trying to fight something off and that can show up as a gain on the scale. I’m starting to feel better and it showed yesterday with a 2+ lbs loss that put me back within range.

I’m bummed that I haven’t been able to work out since Saturday. I was starting to feel strong. I haven’t really seen any reshaping, but from past experience, that tends to happen for me in P4. I’m still a size small top and 4/6 pants and I don’t see that changing. I like my size right where it is. The goal is to tone, tone, tone.

My menu won’t change much in P4. Besides eating a lot of healthy fat, protein, veggies & fruit, I’ll add in things like red wine and starchy veggies (sweet potatoes, green beans, butternut squash, etc.) and maybe quinoa, brown rice or corn tortillas on occasion. Just like P3, I'll add new foods in slowly. I’ve learned a lot about my body in the last couple years and know what works and what doesn’t. Respecting that balance serves me well. And with that I'll leave y'all with one of my favorites quotes: "Being fat is hard, losing weight is hard, maintaining is hard. Choose your hard."


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Updated February 28th, 2013 at 01:02 PM by marvless



  1. Debee's Avatar
    Congrats Marvless!! we are the same size , and I am also very happy where im at . Im in need of some serious toning tho also ack!! Anyway wanted to pop in and say Congrats on your success!!
  2. robert nesta's Avatar
    "Being fat is hard, losing weight is hard, maintaining is hard. Choose your hard."

    i choose maintain

    you rock
  3. Texasyaya's Avatar
    Congratulations! Keep us posted on how you are doing.
  4. akdani's Avatar
    You blow me away.
  5. marvless's Avatar
    Thanks everyone!

    Debee, it's great to hear from you and see how well you've done! Life at goal is pretty awesome isn't it?!
  6. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    congratulations!!! You are so awesome and a role model for all of us!!
  7. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    What more can I say that these peeps haven't said except for "you're my hero, Marv"!!! (And I just read the vitamins comment on the flipside and I just about peed myself!!!! lmbo) You have just done a fantastic job of learning about yourself and at the same time mentoring so many of us! I can't thank you enough for sharing your experiences and giving of your time to help us through this process! You are ray of shine and a Marv-elous beauty! Congratulations girl! All the joy and success you have worked so hard for are more than well deserved! xoxo, Shelli
  8. pookster's Avatar
    I second those comments.. I am making my way on hcg and now into my P3 by watching you...thank you for sharing because if people don't share .. others can't learn. <3
  9. Musicgirllucy's Avatar
    Love that quote. Gotta keep reminding myself how hard it is to be fat.

    But I'll tell you one thing: exercising is easy. Because I am just so enjoying my walks!
  10. Rabo's Avatar
    Oh, I LOVE that quote! Love it!

    I'm so proud of your accomplishments. Seriously. You blow my mind!!
  11. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    Congratulations!! I've loved reading all your blogs! P3 is ending for me soon. I'll start another round of injections since I still have quite a bit to lose. I hope I'm as successful as you have been! You've been a great inspiration to me! Here's to a "Healthy" life! :-D