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I'm on the Highway to Health!

P3 - Day 12 Update

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Hello my Pretties! It's been awhile since I last blogged. It's not that I don't love y'all anymore, I just don't want to bore you with the same old story each day. Life is good, albeit predictable, but I have no complaints. My weight has been stable, with the exception of this week when TOM arrived and brought his usual couple of extra pounds with him. I'm just barely over LIW though, not even 1 lb, so I'm just trying to respect what my body needs to do. I know by the weekend things will be back to normal. My goal is to get back some of that "under-LIW" wiggle room I had before TOM showed up. I'm still getting in regular exercise and training to do a 10 mile race in April. My food menu is very predictable, but I like it that way. I enjoy a paleo diet and don't feel deprived by it. Nuts are not my friend though and I've accepted they are not good for me. They make me gain and cause pain in my body. I can eat seeds and will be just fine getting my crunch from raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Brazil nuts, pecans & walnuts are just not worth the trouble they cause. I've yet to add in avocado, but plan to in the next day or so.

So that's about it for now!


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  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    you are really Intuned to your body and its need. You are doing so awesome on P3 good luck with you run!!
  2. robert nesta's Avatar
    I agree- You're awesome - Today is day 1 p3 and all I have wanted to eat is avo and chicken thighs .

    I have to say the BP coffee today was a life changer - thank you from the bottom of my heart !

    Maybe some crab legs and butter tonight
  3. marvless's Avatar
    Thanks Willa! But make no mistake, these child bearing hips of mine were NOT made for running! I can walk for miles though.
  4. marvless's Avatar
    Robert, you've had an amazing round! I'm so glad you recaptured that desire to be fit and healthy! BC coffee is the bomb! <-------- does anyone say "the bomb" anymore?
  5. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    10 miles is a lot, run or walk! I think maybe I do need to order up some BP coffee! As willa said, it is amazing you know your body so well!!
  6. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Do you mind sharing your menu? I really look up to you and am very inspired by your story! you go girl!
  7. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Bah, I missed you AGAIN yesterday! lol....Hi gorgeous lady!!

    1st off, your posts are NEVER boring!! And I could not have gotten through P2 without you!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    I'm glad you are feeling better and you are rock steady on stabilizing. That gives me a lot of hope!

    Although the whole "nuts" thing is stinky, at least you can have seeds. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds ROCK!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I just realized myself that my P3 shouldn't start Monday, it should actually start Sunday. WHEW...that would have been close, eh? LOL.

    Well lovely, nice work! and I will catch you on the flipside!
  8. Texasyaya's Avatar
    I just read all your posts and I may reread. Thank you for the work in posting.
  9. Annie226's Avatar
    Please keep posting you are a lovely person that offers great inspiration to all of us!!,
  10. marvless's Avatar
    Thanks for your posts. It's great to have the support!