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I'm on the Highway to Health!

P3D2 - 3.1 Under LIW and still lost some inches

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I'm cruising along nicely in P3 so far. I was up .3 today which is a good thing. I started to worry that I'd continue to lose weight which is no bueno for stabilization. I may try to get a few more pounds off in P4, but I really want to keep things steady until then.

Here's what yesterday's menu looked like.

2 big mugs BP coffee (1 Tbl butter & 1 Tbl CO in each cup), 2 egg veggie (spinach & mushroom) omelet cooked in bacon grease, green drink halved with hubby

SNACK: 1 c BP coffee

3 chicken legs drizzled with EVOO and baked in oven, salad with homemade vinaigrette, 1/2 grapefruit (oh my goodness, my NutriBullet emulsified the vinaigrette so beautifully!)

Pot roast with spinach & kale sauteed in butter, apple

SNACK: Cocoa crack with shredded coconut

I really didn't add anything new except for eggs and I got in lots of healthy fats. One thing Iíve learned in 6 rounds is to take it sloooooooowly. I'll probably add something new tomorrow and it will either be sf bacon or avocado.

I took my weekly/final measurement today. The big surprise was in my hips. They were down ONE FULL inch! I have always been a hippy girl and to see those go down was a nice surprise. I think they shrank from the workouts I've been doing. My lower body responds really well to working out. My calves were up half and inch, but I've been walking a lot of hills in the last couple weeks. As long as it's just increased muscle and my boots fit I'm cool with that.

Well, I'm off to do my walk for the day. I should get in about 3 miles.

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  1. pookster's Avatar
    Love the menu! Thank you for posting! And thanks for the reminder to take it slowly... some days I look so forward to P3 that I think I am going to eat one of everything as soon as I am allowed...but..like you said.. slowly and moderation. Congrats on the hips! And yes to increased muscle! Have a great walk!
  2. Sar's Avatar
    You're cruising into P3 for sure! It's awesome that you are seeing great inch loss in addition to the weight. That is so great! I love that you are enjoying exercise as well. I am looking forward to checking out some of the outdoor activities that Austin has to offer this spring/ summer. I love being outside!
  3. tomwilla's Avatar
    yummy! you are doing so great! Once again thank you for checking in with your menu!
  4. marvless's Avatar
    Pookster, that's the beauty of mistakes, if you learn from them they're invaluable. I've had my share of P3 fails and don't want any repeats.

    Sarah, the trails along the lake are beautiful and there are a lot of greenbelt areas for hiking. Barton Springs will open soon and that's a great place to swim and do some good people watching - Austin doesn't have an ordinance against women going topless - lol!

    TomW, I'm glad my menu is helpful. A few of you have asked me to post what I'm eating in P3 and I'm happy to share. I'm going to make homemade mayo today and use the chicken I have in the freezer from P2 broth to make chicken salad. I'm really looking forward to adding avocado and bacon this week.
  5. akdani's Avatar
    You are doing amazing. So neat to watch you still going down. I bet it's a great feeling. Great job.
  6. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Love watching your progress! Thanks for the menu details!