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I'm on the Highway to Health!

P3D4 check in & menu

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I'm pretty sure yesterday's gain was caused by inflammation from overdoing it on my walk on Sunday. I love that I now have a "can do" attitude when it comes to exercise, but I need my body to catch up with my mind! Today I was down 1.3 to 127.2 lbs. That puts me at 2.7 under LIW.

Here's my menu from yesterday. My new food add for day 3 was raw pumpkin seeds.

B: 2 mugs BP coffee, Green juice, 2 slices bacon
S: Orange & HB egg
L: Chicken salad with homemade mayo on lettuce wraps
S: Apple, 3 T raw pumpkin seeds
D: Baked chicken breast, sauteed asparagus, mayo/dijon sauce, 1/2 apple
S: Cocoa crack

It's been cold and wet in my neck of the woods, so last night I made a pot of chicken veggie soup. I can't wait for lunch today! My body seems to be doing well with the addition of raw pumpkin seeds, but I'm kicking myself for not choosing to add avocado first. That would've been amazing diced up over my soup. Oh well!

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  1. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Good morning Marv! I feel like I haven't talked to you for ages! lol..I always miss ya by about an hour. Anyways, I am so inspired that you are staying right around your LIW!!! That is spectacular! and gives me a lot of hope! I'm going to stick close to your habits and how you are adding things slowly on P3! That soup sounds sooooo delish! I LOVE avocados! I think I told Sar that that is one of the first things/fats getting added back into my diet! lol....I eat it on everything! I put it in my smoothies! And for some really weird reason, the prices have gone down on them lately so I want SOOOOO bad to buy them, but they would go bad before I can even eat them! LOL...I hope the avocado pricing gods are on my side in about a week!

    Question: Have you ever added flaxseed to your smoothies? I bought a 3lb bag when I was at Costco's the other day in hopes you to utilize it starting in P3. I've always been a simple smoothie girl, but reading your's (and others) blogs about adding all that other stuff makes my mouth water!

    I'm glad you had a nice weekend! I read you picked up some cool little baking forms! Aren't those fun?! I buy the silicone ones for when I make my natural soaps as Little Christmas give aways.... I might have to start buying new ones for Cocoa Crack! Incidentally, I am so stoked to make that stuff! And add my English Toffee Stevia to it! Ohhhhh to die for! *she says while smacking lips*!
  2. marvless's Avatar
    I've missed you too! I also put avo in my smoothies. It adds such amazing creaminess. That's a great fat to add in right away. Muscle testing showed I was sensitive to avo, but my chiro desensitized me and now I'm able to eat them. They're 49 cents each at Sprouts right now!

    I typically eat flax seed everyday, but I've seen people have trouble with it so I'm treating it as a food to add slowly. I'll either add it after avo, or do walnuts, then flax seed. I like to give 3 days to clear anything I add that has potential to cause trouble. I learned the hard way to take things very slowly.

    The forms are SO fun! Don't get the fish though. Their tails break off. The hearts are perfect though. I need to branch out and try flavored stevia. I just worry because there are only a couple brands that I like (Nu Stevia and Kal Stevia - Stevita in a pinch is okay) I love the soap idea and may have to copy you. You're so creative.

    Glad we could catch up.
  3. shannon741's Avatar
    Look at you doing so amazing in your P3 and below LIW! I am so excited for you and I hope it all continues to go smoothly for you!

    How is your DH and DD doing, are they both still on HCG?
  4. Sar's Avatar
    Looks like a great menu! Have you only been eating chicken as a protein? My body seems to really like chicken, but I have a problem getting bored with it. I never go to a restaurant and order chicken... I think my mother ruined me with Shake n Bake and overcooking the breasts to make sure we didn't get salmonella. Pumpkin seeds are so yummy. In the fall, I like to roast them in the oven with some butter and sea salt- delish! I also like your choice of green juice, but I was wondering, does it cause any problems with digestion (meaning, do you feel like you have to go right away)? Leafy greens tend to upset my stomach some, which is unfortunate because I love a big, colorful salad.
  5. marvless's Avatar
    Hi Shannon! I've missed hearing from you! DH did great with his round! I think he lost about 25 lbs and is back in fighting shape. The best part is he's really serious about P3 and how he's going to eat and workout long term. Sometimes it takes making some mistakes before things click. DD hit a prior set point and has stalled for much of this round. Poor baby is so frustrated and I don't blame her. She's going to try to finish off her vial (about 5 more days) then end the round. It might end up less than a 30 day round, but I think it's for the best. She may try again at the end of summer when she's able to take a break from rowing.

    Sar, I LOL'd when I read your comment! I eat ALL kinds of protein, but Sprouts had air chilled organic chicken thighs on sale for $1.99 lb and I stocked up! I've been eating them grilled, baked, in soup, in chicken salad ... I feel like Bubba Gump! I can't wait for my grocery budget to get refueled so I can get some steak & salmon. I like to roast pumpkin seeds too in the Fall. I love seeds and my body does better with them than nuts. The greens don't upset my stomach at all, but in the recipe book that came with the NB it said to start off slowly to avoid problems.
  6. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    Back to cushion room under your LIW! Good for you. I cant wait for bacon and cheese! Just one good omelet and I would be satisfied! ...and wouldn't a little avacado on top be dreamy!!! Oh heck....throw on the salsa.
  7. pookster's Avatar
    Thanks for the menu Marv.. looks like a fancy dinner in a restaurant to me right about now!! I am dreaming about food.. yes.

    [email protected]'s mom and overcooked chicken shake n bake hahaha!!

    prdreams..I am with ya girl.. go big or go home.
  8. Sleepygirl's Avatar
    Maria, I checked out your pictures. You have done a great job and look AMAZING!! You are truly an inspiration!!