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Starting Second Round 1/4/2013

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Second round here I come. Did round 1 in March, April 2013 lost 48 lbs! Yay, the only diet that ever worked for me! Kept it off until the last month slowly creeping back to old eating habits after death in the family, stress, vacation, and the holidays. So kicking off the new year with a desire to get back to eating right and feeling good! These blogs really helped me the last time, so thought I would help keep myself accountable and maybe help someone else along the way! This is loading day 1, even now feel guilty doing it but know it is the key to success! Hugs to all out there in HCG land! ps.. I use drops and they worked amazingly for my the first time!

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  1. frenchdoll's Avatar
    Hi marybeth, wishing you tons of success for your round xoxo!
  2. mntnharleygirl's Avatar
    Hi Marybeth, great luck on your round. I have used both drops and injections, I too prefer drops and feel like I lose better on them.
  3. marybeth's Avatar
    Thanks frenchdoll and mntnharleygirl! Been loading yesterday and today..getting pretty full so I am doing it right! Bring on tomorrow!