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Great disappointment in myself.

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Well this last round was a total failure no matter how many correction days, and how much I watched what I ate. As soon as I entered P4 I began having trouble maintaining. Something that did not happen the round before that over a year ago. I gained all my weight back! I'm back to 135 😢. I had only gotten down to 127, but the pounds slowly creeped back up after I noticed trouble maintaining while in p4. The only time I manage to stay ok is when I stick to Strick P3 foods, but why is this happening? I can't eat P3 for the rest of my life?! My first round everything went so well, lost 20 pounds, and stabilized like a charm no issues. Got down from 155 to 135, and kept the weight off! This time around my starting weight was 135 but only got to 127. I only lost 8 pounds in 23 days. It was strange from the start of the round, from how little I lost, to having trouble keeping it off. I'm back to square one now and I feel so discouraged. I don't even know what could have caused this gain. I don't eat unhealthy. So disappointed.

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    I've experienced the same thing--with no problems after round 1, but then difficulty in subsequent rounds with unexplainable regain in P4. I'm trying to deal with that now by following FMD for a month (Fast Metabolism Diet). It purports to heal the carb sensitivity that can develop from eating low carb for too long. You can do a search and find a couple threads on it in the forums and see if it might interest you.

    After gaining back nearly 20 pounds over the past year, I did a short round of HCG and lost 11 of them, but am hoping the FMD helps me with the rest.
    Updated August 19th, 2014 at 08:53 AM by Leez
  2. Marygeezee's Avatar
    Really? I'm not sure I want to try any more diets I just want my body back to normal to where if I eat I a slice of bread, I won't be 3 pounds higher on the scale the following day. It's so frustrating. Right now all I basically eat are eggs, almonds, cheese, apples, and veggies. I notice that if I eat chicken I will gain as well. Not sure why.... I don't do too well with beef either. So far tuna, and eggs are the only thing I can eat as protein source and be ok. I need help! I will never do hcg ever again!