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How could I have done this to myself?!

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I think I finally figured out why I'm having trouble maintaining in P4.... This is my 4th week into p4 and I have gained 3 pounds from the last day in P2. I managed to stay within the 2#window in P3 with no problems, but I realized I began eating something that perhaps is the culprit for not being able to maintain in P4. During P3 I was recommended to eat flax seed. I began to look for recipes on how to make muffins, and I found one claiming to be P3 friendly. Well, the flax seed itself is not the problem, you see, I realized the recipe calls for 1teaspoon of baking powder for each muffin. Well, stupid me did not caught on that baking powder has starch in it! How could I have not realized this?! I mean EVERYONE knows this!!!! To make story short, I was eating a flaxseed muffin everyday while on p3. Now that I am in P4 I have been having such a hard time maintaining. I cannot add things back because I gain. The only reason why I am only over 3 pounds is because I've had to do correction day after correction day. To where I was totally confused why I was not stabilizing if I pretty much eat p3 foods, and I always use moderation. After running this through my head over and over trying to figure out what I did wrong through out all phases, the Flaxseed recipe is the only thing I discovered that could have been what threw me off. Otherwise I really have no clue then. I'm so scared to keep eating cuz I see a gain the next day. Like today I was up another .8 from yesterday. How can I stop this?!!!! I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm not maintaining no matter what I do. Or is it possible for flax seed to make one gain weight if eaten daily?

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Updated June 13th, 2014 at 05:06 PM by Marygeezee