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  1. Heading into day 13 and all is well

    As I come to end of my twelfth day there is, drum roll please, 10.3 pounds less of me.

    Happy wiggle.

    Super Happy Wiggle.

    A few hiccups along the way which I will go into detail about tomorrow.

    Wanted to add this quick note though before I forgot the names of two items I have incorporated into my daily routine. The Xiao Yao Wan pills to help ease my irritability and the chinese tea Bojenmi to help with constipation. Both have ...
  2. It's all in our mind VLCD Day 5

    Wouldn't you agree? Seriously? When we really think about it or break it down, mull it over, have a come to Jesus meeting with ourselves, get an attitude adjustment, fall apart, get back up and continue forward. Most of the time it is because of what is going on in our heads. Emotions at play, too, yes. Which is tied to our mental state. I am not a psychologist (yet) but for me it is all a mind game. Today finds me at home. Fridays are my day off. First time this week not in my "routine". ...
  3. And we are off! 4.1 or 2.1?

    So the gorge had me up 2 lbs from my pre-gorge weight. Today, my first VLCD weigh in, has me down 4.1! In my head, that is down 2.1 but seriously? 2.1 in a day? I will take it, thank you!

    As I sit here, munching on my crisp Granny Smith apple and sip my green tea, I am doing an assessment of "how does my body and head feel?" Darn good. Pleased with my energy level, clarity of mind, spirit and enjoying the fact my mindset is beginning to shift a bit in regards to ...
  4. Made it through the Gorge

    Alrighty, after a truly uncomfortable evening after a weekend of gorging I am looking forward to lighter, healthy eating. The scale showed the efforts of the past couple days...up 2 pounds. As I wrote the numbers on my bedroom mirror this morning I was excited to see what numbers tomorrow will find me writing.

    Here we go. Let's do this!
  5. Fasten your seatbelt and ready for departure!

    One of my motivations for beginning this journey on HCG (drops) is not being able to easily fasten my seatbelt when seated on an airplane. A little thing, perhaps. Yet when added to the mixture of many little things...well, let's just say I am ready. Ready to feel better in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense. I am a little over midway through my fortieth year on this planet and I feel I am just hitting my stride. There are far too many adventures I intend to have to be limited ...