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It's all in our mind VLCD Day 5

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Wouldn't you agree? Seriously? When we really think about it or break it down, mull it over, have a come to Jesus meeting with ourselves, get an attitude adjustment, fall apart, get back up and continue forward. Most of the time it is because of what is going on in our heads. Emotions at play, too, yes. Which is tied to our mental state. I am not a psychologist (yet) but for me it is all a mind game. Today finds me at home. Fridays are my day off. First time this week not in my "routine". Fridays are typically spoil me days. I had a little brush of mental warning. Danger, Will Robinson! or Will Power to put it more clearly. Being left to my own devices here at home where there are still some yummy treats lingering around whispering my name.

How will I deal and not give in to temptations?
First, just taking a look at the progress these past 4 days. Merely 4 days...and I am down 6.7 YAY!!! 6.7 POUNDS. That right there is enough to keep me clear of mind and intent. Visions of where I will be in another 4 days. Or even just tomorrow!!

With that said, let's get more organized and remove the little mine fields of temptations in kitchen. Ummm, yeah, should have done before I started the VLCD but doing it now is kinda of empowering. (mind game) Plus, that wonder filled cabinet housing our spices, oils, vinegars, teas, etc. - each time I ventured in there the past few days I have cursed under my breath as things would come tumbling out and I wasn't able to lay my hands on what I was seeking easily or without something landing on my head. Ease of preparation of foods makes for a happy me. Being able to scan over the variety of spices gives birth to some more creative yumminess being made within the protocol. Let's face it...this protocol forces creativity to come about in full force which I am enjoying. I have always enjoyed cooking but have never came up with my own recipes - this is an exercise in recipe creation for sure!

So I begin my day by putting some of my thoughts here and checking in with you. Sending you thoughts of support and thanks in turn for the support being sent this way.

Oh and a couple of noteworthy items from this newbie.

Miracle Noodles - are working beautifully. Will add the recipe used last night with soy nuggets in a stir fry as soon I get the info from my friend that manned the kitchen. She is one that can just walk into a kitchen and viola!!

WATER. Is essential. This is something I already knew but seeing the difference in the numbers from one day to the next -only variable changed - water intake. More water, more weight released. Weighing everyday and tracking my food/calorie/water intake is proving invaluable for seeing what a big difference little things can make.

Make it a great day everyone!

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  1. MaryContrary's Avatar
    I WOULD agree with you yes! mind over matter. I just finished my first round and it was very short, but it was rather emotional, a rollercoaster. I've seen others mention that also. ..Maybe it's because of the hormones effect? I dunno.