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  1. Hi, Im Michelle...Newbie here, just ordered my drops:)

    Quote Originally Posted by mishy422 View Post
    hey everyone, i am super excited that i found this forum... I am very new with hcg diet, i have read alot about it but never considered it ... but i am at a breaking point and need to lose weight and do not want to get weight loss surgery i have been losing and gaining the same 50 pounds for about 3 years now.. a good friend of mine already lost 75 pounds on hcg drops! so i am ready to give this a try and start my new life, I ordered 4 bottles from HCG1234.com and should be getting them in a few
  2. First Day side affects?

    Quote Originally Posted by akilian View Post
    This is my first day starting the drops and is supposed to be a loading day. I took the drops this morning and around noon started feeling very light headed and shaky. I completely lost any appetite whatsoever and am trying to force down some food. I dont feel nauseous but just dont want to eat.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Is that normal?
    My co-worker is taking different drops this time..no alcohol in these ones, and said they made her head feel weird. She is ...