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  1. Nuuuuuubieeee hello and help!

    Quote Originally Posted by michele502 View Post
    I'm on second day of stuffing myself, using the HCG pro solution brand drops (anyone use this kind) Have under-active thyroid, got supplements to start taking tomorrow. My doctor has given me the drops and supplements.

    Will I need more than the 10drops/3times a day?

    Anyone got advice for people with thyroid issues? I really want to do this right!

    Anyone starting same time as me? Want a buddy? I'm your girl!

    Let's do this!
  2. Exercise anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by RepentantSinner View Post
    Please, please, please be careful if you choose to exercise while in P2. One of my friends is an RN and was explaining how when a person is on a ketogenic diet (hcg is a type of this diet - meaning very few or next to no carbs) and forcing the body to feed off of the fat, a person starts to excrete ketones. This can sometimes cause ketoacidosis if a person isn't drinking enough water to flush theses acids out (the ketones). However, when a person is exercising on a ketogenic diet aka: the hcg diet