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Exercise anyone?

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Please, please, please be careful if you choose to exercise while in P2. One of my friends is an RN and was explaining how when a person is on a ketogenic diet (hcg is a type of this diet - meaning very few or next to no carbs) and forcing the body to feed off of the fat, a person starts to excrete ketones. This can sometimes cause ketoacidosis if a person isn't drinking enough water to flush theses acids out (the ketones). However, when a person is exercising on a ketogenic diet aka: the hcg diet in our case, this ALSO causes an increase in the ketones that are released hence increasing the change of possibly experiencing ketoacidosis.

What are the warning signs of ketoacidosis?
Ketoacidosis usually develops slowly. But when vomiting occurs, this life-threatening condition can develop in a few hours. Early symptoms include the following:

•Thirst or a very dry mouth
•Frequent urination
•High blood glucose (sugar) levels
•High levels of ketones in the urine

Then, other symptoms appear:
•Constantly feeling tired
•Dry or flushed skin
•Nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain
(Vomiting can be caused by many illnesses, not just ketoacidosis. If vomiting continues for more than 2 hours, contact your health care provider.)
•A hard time breathing (short, deep breaths)
•Fruity odor on breath
•A hard time paying attention, or confusion

Ketoacidosis is dangerous and serious. If you have any of the above symptoms, contact your health care provider IMMEDIATELY, or go to the nearest emergency room of your local hospital.
Thanks for the info, I have been keeping my workouts to 1 or 2 days a week, no more than an hour and nothing intense. It has helped with the weight loss, I am usually down a 1 1/4 lbs the next day. On my workout days I bump up the calories, and protein.

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    This is really interesting information, thank you.
    I have cosistantly worked out my entire life, so with hcg I exercise at about 50-75% of my 'normal' in P2 (as energy permits), then in P3 I go at 100%. One thing that helps me is that I eat an apple prior to working out and within 30 mins after the workout, I have about 3oz of baked chicken (I bake up seasoned chicken tenders on Sunday to last throughout the week). If I stick to this, I do not experience any discomfort. My losses on hcg are greater when I don't work out, but excercise keeps me balanced, both emotionally and logically.
  2. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. This will be my first round with exercise. I have been doing a routine all through p3 and its pretty easy. Good to know what the signs are!!