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Nuuuuuubieeee hello and help!

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Quote Originally Posted by michele502 View Post
I'm on second day of stuffing myself, using the HCG pro solution brand drops (anyone use this kind) Have under-active thyroid, got supplements to start taking tomorrow. My doctor has given me the drops and supplements.

Will I need more than the 10drops/3times a day?

Anyone got advice for people with thyroid issues? I really want to do this right!

Anyone starting same time as me? Want a buddy? I'm your girl!

Let's do this!
Sorry can't help with the thyroid issue. As for your drop intake, that is a good place to start. Taking more drops 3x a day could make you more hungry. Some people still feel a little hungry but not to a starving point and it is manageable, where as others have no hunger at all..everyone is different. www.healthlabsonline and www.intermountainhcg, and hcginformer.com has good info...the hcginformer website was on a flyer that came with the drops I recently purchased. I hope one of those 3 sites have an answer about your thyroid, or you could type in your web brower, hcg and thyroid, you get the picture. Good Luck to you.

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