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How do you keep yourself from giving up?

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I'm only on VLCD3 and I do really well during the day, but at nighttime (after dinner) I keep asking myself why I am doing this. I'm hoping this gets easier and that the cravings diminish. I thought about eating the sofa or one of the dogs last night....help!
I know how you feel. I have been at this for a month. I did great the first couple of weeks. Now, I do great during the week, then when the weekend comes I feel famished, and the cravings are really bad. Unfortunately I give into the cravings, when Monday rolls around I am back on track again. I feel like I am missing out, and try to tell myself this is only a short term thing. I am also going to try different drops, my co-worker who is on her 2nd round of this, and looks wonderful had different drops than what she is using this time, we have the same drops. I plan on purchasing the drops she was using her first round she says those are better than what we are now using. Good Luck to you. You can do if you really want to and are focused. The first week is usually the worst anyway.

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    It will get better. The mental cravings don't last forever......it's just a detox phase. Just remind yourself when you feel like that....that is what processed food tells you all the time. No wonder we find outrselves doing diets, striving so hard to lose when we're up against such a strong force. YOu are in the right place, at the right time. Win the mental battle, and the rest is easy!! (Give it a week or more)
  2. SweetKatieA's Avatar
    I agree with MconHCG. I feel like I've been doing this diet forever, but I counted today and I've been doing it for 16 whole days... yes, 16 days lol. The choices come easy and the calorie counts do too. My cravings are pretty much gone, however I'm not following Dr. S's plan exactly, I do a clinic called UniqueU in Cincinnati and it's a vlcd with injections, so I can eat a jello if I need something really sweet (10 calories). That helps me keep the cravings away. I'm not sure if people following Dr. S's plan can do that or not to be honest. The weekends ARE the hardest, and so is going out. I've only gone out with friends once. It was really hard and the temptation was rough. I had to thoroughly research where we were going and pick what I was going to have before hand. I went to a family party the other day (they REALLY know how to eat- good old country cookin ya know) and if you don't eat you insult them. So, I had some turkey cold cuts and water and no one really noticed because I was stuffing my face. Dog and sofa might be low in calories though. Just sayin...
  3. Ronnijay's Avatar
    For me, it was only hard the first week. To the point where I had headaches and a little bit of shaking. Getting rid of all of the junk in your diet will take its toll. But when the scale starts to go down, down, down - you realize that this is the most successful thing you've ever tried for (immediate) weight loss. Then it seems easy to me. Easier than doing your best and then sabotaging your progress on the weekend. Easier than going to the gym for a month, just to see that the scale barely moved because you "gained muscle". Get through round 1 and stay on task, or you'll risk messing up your metabolism and keeping on your load weight!