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2000+ Calories and no gains...REALLY??

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The title of this blog is exactly what I keep thinking. It occurred to me that I haven't been listing what I eat each day here in the blog only mentioning food here and there. I'm interested somewhat when I read the menus of others, but for the most part find it boring. So for those interested in the foods I'm stuffing my face with, here goes:

Two eggs either poached or scrambled. If scrambled, I saute about 1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms with a pat or two of butter first. Coffee with cream sometimes. Chai tea, sometimes with cream but most days without. Yesterday and today I had 2% milk also. We always buy skim, but the milk in the jug was mismarked and it really is 2%. I just know. So have been enjoying the creamy milk while it lasts. Afraid it would cause a gain but didn't.

Can of tuna (water drained) with 2 tbsp Duke's s/f mayo, a small tomato, dill relish all mixed together. Celery sticks and an apple (fuji or golden delicious). This is easy to take to work each day and eat at my desk.

Dinner (this past week):
Monday - homemade spaghetti sauce with hamburger added, cottage cheese, zuccini with Annie's Tuscany Ital dressing.
Tuesday - 8 oz of lean pork tenderloin roasted with garlic, canola oil and thyme (used a little mayo with the meat), zuccini and mushrooms sauted in butter, and a sliced tomato.
Wednesday - homemade 8 oz grilled hamburger with melted swiss cheese, mayo, steamed broccoli, and cottage cheese.
Thursday - chicken stroganoff made with chicken breast, onions and mushrooms sauted in olive oil, and sour cream added; cooked down somewhat to thicken, canned green beans (DH had chicken mixture spooned over egg noodles)
Friday - the big salad I mentioned yesterday -- romaine and spinach with tomato, mushrooms, zuccini, two hard-boiled eggs and two mozzarella sticks sliced up with Marie's chunky blue cheese dressing.

Almonds, almonds and more almonds (plain).
Celery sticks with whipped cream cheese.
Greek yogurt with s/f vanilla, stevia, cinnamon and chopped pecans (tried it with cocoa powder and stevia mixed in but don't really like it).
Pumpkin 'shake' made with canned pumpkin, cream or milk, stevia, alspice and cinnamon. It's thick like a shake so I eat it with a spoon. Tastes like pumpkin pie! Some on the forum add protein powder, but I haven't ventured into the world of protein powders.

So daily calories look like this, based on myfitnesspal.com, and my guessing at how much I ate, being generous rather than skimpy in estimating portions:
Monday - 1858
Tuesday - 2100
Wednesday - 1917
Thursday - 2268
Friday - 2119

I am at the end of my second week of P3. I don't know what else to introduce. I've cleared all dairy, pork, almonds, pecans, and salad dressings -- all things I've read that others have trouble with.

Lawgal asked me to continue to post as it gives her hope that P3 will be okay. And for me, it obviously had been. LDW was 148.1. I have been at 147.7 for four days in a row. Have been above LDW on three weigh-in's and just .5 higher on one day (148.6).

So there you have it. I know many, many members here have trouble on P3. I am SO GRATEFUL that I seem to be doing good.

Sorry for the boring food lists.....

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  1. lawgal's Avatar
    Yep yep. Thank you! I like to see what people eat in P3 and are ok with and what the calories are because it's hard to believe that we can eat that much...
  2. MattsMom17's Avatar
    I started out at around 1300-1400, and have worked my way up to 2000+ (and it wasn't hard to do). Since all I can eat besides meat and veggies is dairy and nuts, it's easy to increase calories pretty quickly just by adding an oz of pecans to my yogurt, sunflower seeds to my salad, or cream to my tea.