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The DMV and the Truth

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Yesterday I had to return something at KMart, and had to get out my debit card. While I waited for the transaction to finish, I happened to glance at my driver's license and the weight listed. Then I started to laugh.

Last year when I got my license renewed (every six years in Missouri), I decided it was time to increase the weight on my license to something closer to my actual weight. Especially since I had not weighed 135 in, like, ten years (or more). So I told the clerk, a woman, that we needed to increase the weight on my license. She said, sort of in a whisper "you don't really have to do that if you don't want to", ya know, kind of like she was a co-conspirator in my secret LIE. I did enjoy her humor (as it was meant) and I said, "well let's get a little closer to the truth at least." So I gave her 155 as my weight (knowing full well it was higher than that), had my new pic taken, and it was done.

So yesterday, I started to laugh when I realized that I currently weigh LESS THAN THE WEIGHT SHOWN ON MY DRIVER'S LICENSE!!! Too funny!

Anyone else have a story like that?

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  1. Debegrace's Avatar
    loved the post! CONGRATS!!!
  2. Grammie50's Avatar
    Yes! I increased mine last time too, but it still lower than what I weigh. Too funny! I am hoping by the end of this year that I will weigh what's on my drivers license. Keep up the good work!
  3. Natalie's Avatar
    LOL! Awesome!!! I've kept mine at 150 forever! And your post is funny, because I was also studying my license the other day and noticed that and thought ,"hey, I was over 200 pounds and lied about my weight. Now I'm 183 and so much closer to that lie!!!" Not to mention, my fat face fills the whole picture box...UGH!!! Can't wait to actually put my ACTUAL weight when my license expires next time. Congrats on your weight loss success!