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FFF Day Success

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Thanks to MeOnHCG, Lawgal, and Tate for your comments yesterday. I find encouragement everytime I'm on (in?) this forum. Although I must admit that Me's comment that the FFF day did not work for her had me quaking in my boots a bit and scared to weigh this morning.

Yesterday I did the FFF day, with strawberries. I managed to CHOKE down 27 ounces out of the 32. I just could not bring myself to eat any more. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Fage yogurt (see yesterday's post), but when that's all you're eating -- all day -- a big bowl of it for dinner is hard to get down. Especially when DH and son are eating spaghetti. I also increased my water intake to 120+ oz, when I normally drink about 100+, plus the usual iced tea. I usually have 40+ oz - with dinner and through the evening.

This morning I was DOWN 2.2 lbs, which brings me 1/2 lb below LDW. Whew! If I had eaten strickly P3 for a few days, I probably would have seen loss(es), but I was getting concerned that the weight was creeping on. I'm eating P3 for the next few days, and then will add back carbs and sugars. I already miss my daily almonds. :(

I mentioned no one noticing my losses, and loved those comments too. How do people NOT notice that a person has lost nearly 25 lbs? Or 30? I mean, COME ON! I forgot to mention that I saw my step-son, his wife, and her mother on Friday -- first time since I started HCG. (I begged off a few different meals out with them with excuses that I had other plans to avoid eating out.) Well, not one of them noticed either, or if they noticed, none said anything. WEIRD.

A friend at work, who has cheered me on, said today that she never thought I needed to lose weight to begin with, and that I carried my extra lbs so well, perhaps that's why no one seems to notice. Well, whatever. Maybe they think I have an illness and are afraid to ask... HA!

BTW...my, gulp, 30 year high school class reunion is in nine days...

So, I'm relieved to be back in range, and am realizing more and more that even though it's okay for an occasional treat, I need to be diligent in what I eat, and my attitudes about food. Planning ahead helps too. I wish all my friends in the forum lived in my area so we could meet (for LUNCH!) and cheer each other on in person... that would be cool! :cool:

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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    Congrats on your FFF day loss, I've also previously had success w/ it and I love fage but its harder than a steak day IMO lol. I also find it funny that people don't "notice" or comment on such significant weight loss, I believe maybe people are afraid of an uncomfortable situation or making you feel bad about how you were before. I've lost 30 lb's and aside from my family not one single comment about the loss, lol not even my bf (which i'm glad about).