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I have a new love, and his name is....Smuckers PB.

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I finally got brave over the weekend and tried Smuckers natural peanut butter. I've eaten NPB in the past, but this was especially wonderful, having had a PB fast for over two months! It was delightful with my apple slices. And - BONUS - no weight gain!! So I have enjoyed a little each day.

I went up .4 a few days ago, so am right at LDW. Went up due to lack of, um, bathroom activity, and it's still hanging on. That's okay though -- still working through the potty issue too, so that little gain may come off.

Which brings me to a question. I've read the hot thread "hating P4" about the probiotics, L-Carnitine, etc. I currently take 1000 mg of magnesium each day to keep things moving along. Would I need to continue doing that once I start taking the probiotics, etc.? Also, what the heck is L-Carnitne and what good does it do your body? I'll ask this in that thread too, but thinking of the questions now.

Easter Sunday I allowed myself ONE chocolate egg, and three mini-robin eggs (Whopper malted eggs). Scared to death to step on the scale, but no change this a.m. Today I am officially in P4, and after reading mgsondance's suggestions, I started with something I've been really missing -- eating breakfast with my hubby. So I had oatmeal. Some say to phase in grains last, but he and I have been wanting our regular routine again. And I'm a little tired of eggs too (just in time to have a fridge full of hard boiled ones!) So, I hope the scale doesn't BITE ME in the morning. I also allowed myself one chocolate egg today too. Ate clean except for those two "additions". If the scale is okay in the morning, then tomorrow, I may try carrots with dinner, or a pear with lunch instead of an apple. Oh the joys of eating fruit again besides apples!

My pleasures are simple ones...

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  1. lawgal's Avatar
    Ah, you finally tried PB! Heavenly isn't it? I just started the L-Carnitine, Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes this weekend too. They all act to affect metabolism one way or another, but the three together is like a triple whammy. I still take my magnesium too though. When I purchased my L-Carn and Probiotic at Target on Saturday I talked to the pharmacist and she said suggested that I keep taking the magnesium. So, I will keep taking it just to make sure I stay regular, for now.
  2. MattsMom17's Avatar
    Thanks Kelli. I'm glad to read this. I bought more magnesium today (had a coupon, so what the heck), but thought I can return it if the vets on the forum advise to stop it. It wasn't expensive. I hate the ones from Target (blue bottle, can't remember the brand), two 250 mg tablets twice a day and they start to dissolve almost the second they are on my tongue! Bleck! The new ones are 500 mg, and "coated for easy swallowing"!

    Will go by Walgreens tomorrow to check prices, plus they have a wider selection. I bought a probiotic at KMart, did not see "digestive enzymes", and also saw that the L-Carnitine was $15, and figured I'd shop around a bit first. It's been raining cats and dogs here for days, so I only wanted to make one stop. I printed dragginflyys list of what and how much she takes and have been carrying it in my purse. If the rain would just take a BREAK, I could get this out of the way!!

    Loving the PB, was terrified it woud make me gain, because, I figured of all things to cause a gain it would be one of the things I love, and missed, the most. So glad to find my fear was unfounded. Hoping oatmeal is a "go" for tomorrow. Speaking of "going", maybe it will help in the bathroom department! LOL :) Goodnight, sweet love!

    Edit note: the brand of magnesium from Target is "Origin". Cheap, but chalky. If you can stand it to swallow them, they work fine.
    Updated April 26th, 2011 at 11:02 AM by MattsMom17