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It's been a MONTH??

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Wow, I just realized it's been a month since my last blog entry. There has been so much going on at work, and home, and stuff in the evenings and weekends (not normally this busy) that it's slipped my mind. I've been reading blog posts, and comments, but just not taken the time to check in myself.

Sad to report that I think I need a correction day. I've been out of P4 for over a month, and while my weight has flucuated some, I'm finding that the losses after the gains aren't keeping up. I am .3 away from 2 lbs over LDW. If I am at the same weight again tomorrow as the last two mornings, then I'll do a FFF day. The thought of not eating all day, and then having to eat a big steak does not appeal to me. I'm so glad for the forum, and Tate's post about it in her blog, as an alternative to the steak day.

In fact, I'm going to do the FFF day no matter what the scale says, just for the break. I am tired of eating the same stuff all the time -- eggs for breakfast, tuna/apple for lunch, and whatever we throw together for dinner. Now that it's hot here, I don't have much interest in food anyway. FAGE is the best greek yogurt out there, btw. I have tried other brands - Yoplait, Dannon, Cabot (YUCK), Athenos - and none compare. I read on Tate's blog a comment from another member who has a homemade FAGE recipe, so I will search for it and try to make it. AT $5.39 for 17 oz, it's not really cheap, even if I do stretch it to three or four servings.

Okay, I've been gone so long....what else? Oh yeah, the big family reveals -- mine and that of DH's family. DH family -- no comments at all, as expected. My family, only one person noticed and commented. And that from an aunt who is on a perpetual diet! So of course she would notice (she actually noticed by seeing a picture I posted on Facebook first). I wasn't expecting much so that I wasn't disappointed. Good thing!

Your blogs I'm reading are encouraging. Oh, and Lawgal, you are such a brave rogue. I am intrigued by the things you try, but I have no interest at all in doing another round to try some of your tricks!

Thanks for reading. I'll try to do better to be an encouragement rather than just a lurker. :)

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Liked your update! Sounds like your weight has stuck pretty well. Those FFF days are a saver for sure! I tried one when I was 'in range' and didn't lose at all.....wondering if steak day would produce the same? My steak day was really hard too. I've heard of some doing half and half. Start with fage for breakfast/snack/lunch, and meat for the rest.

    Hardly anyone has commented about my almost 30lbs lost, going from 146 to 117.5. Oh well...I'm glad they don't see me as a 'size', and they treat me the same. Ive read some blogs where the person who loses weight gets treated so different, it makes them sad.
  2. lawgal's Avatar
    Good to hear from you ;-) Yes, love FFF days! Actually, in P2 I did a Fage day, but used 0%. So for lunch and dinner I had my Fage and nothing else all day except coffee, water and tea. From what I remember, it was helpful. With doing this round vegetarian I had to be more adventurous and try rogue foods because there is no way I could eat eggs and cottage cheese my whole P2 for my protein. I'm also mixing my veggies and so far it has not affected me at all. This will be my last round for the summer, but I might do one again later in the year like in October to get me ready for all the holiday eating
  3. Tate's Avatar
    Glad you posted an update! It sounds like you are doing really well--still being within your window is excellent! And the FFF days are always a great little tool to have in the arsenal!

    As for the response from others who see you...I am having the exact same thing. I know I look totally different, but I when we went on a visit to see family in another state, everyone was talking about how my husband had lost weight, and he had only lost 10 pounds, while I had lost almost 30. Pretty funny. Even yesterday I was with a friend and a mutual friend came up to us and commented on how great my friend looked and asked how she had lost so much weight. *Sigh* Ah well, I was looking at home videos last night and saw myself from last year and *I* know I look completely different, so I guess that's what matters.

    Check back in when you can. I think it is great for people in their first round to see that it is possible to stabilize after HCG!