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P3 - ready to tell you goodbye...

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P3 has been good to me, no doubt. Still holding at 147.7 -- WOOO HOOO!

However, I am soooo ready for P4. I like greek yogurt and almonds; half n half in my chai tea; real, creamy mayo in my tuna; yummy poached eggs for breakfast; eating a cheeseburger without guilt; veggies with the really good dressings. I like all of that stuff, but it is getting BORING.

Word from the wise -- do not, I emphasize DO NOT watch Julie & Julia (with Meryl Streep) while on this diet. It will make you crazy with desire. The only phase in which you can watch and not go into spasms is when in PHASE ONE (loading). That gives you a two-day window of opportunity. If you're in P2, all that butter being melted and stirred into things will be more than you can stand....mmmm, sauted mushrooms. And then there's the scene where Julie and her husband eat the chocolate cake like guests at some kind of gastronomical orgy. Geez, I had to close my eyes! Not for the P3 faint of heart, let me tell ya!

Watched DH/son have spaghetti with meat sauce tonight. I want a forkful of pasta so bad. I want a peanut butter sandwich. I think the Easter candy in the buffet is calling out to me. I am dreaming about food again like I did in P2...

P4 officially starts Monday (4/25), but I am going to indulge in a few chocolate eggs on Sunday. I promise I will be good. I will add sugars and starches slowly in P4. However... I WANT A PIECE OF PIE!!!

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  1. Julz36's Avatar
    I just posted a blog about phase 4 too. So I can't stop thinking about how I can't wait to go back to phase 2 in June but in phase 2 all I could think about was phase 3. What is wrong with me!???

    We had spaghetti with meat sauce tonight as well, I put mine over coleslaw cabbage and gave the kids pasta. I actually like the coleslaw spaghetti better.

    Enjoy your pie darling! D