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Posted Before and After Pics

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I finally got up the guts to post my fat pictures! I am mortified to know I really looked like that. Mortified that I somehow let myself get to that point. Can't blame it all on unhealthy eating though. Age does play a part. And it wasn't for lack of exercise because I have always exercised regularly. But I found I had to work harder to maintain, and if I gained a pound or two (or three) it was harder to take that off. Eventually I found myself 25 lbs heavier.

Don't get your anticipation too high though -- my pics are not spectacular like some I've seen, and there are no bathing suits in any of them. The weekly pics of me in my undies and sport bra as I tracked my progress will stay right where they are -- in a file marked something completely innocuous so that my son never sees them! Yikes!

Still I'm glad to be a pound away from pre-baby weight, and once I'm stable and well into P4, I can work toward taking off a few more for that cushion we all talk about.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement. Without this forum this would be a very lonely journey.

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  1. Catthai's Avatar
    Great pics! And what a difference. I'll bet you feel absolutely fabulous :-)
  2. lawgal's Avatar
    A) You are way too hard on yourself about your before pictures. I wish my before pictures could look so normal.

    B) You look awesome now! Way to go!
  3. Julz36's Avatar
    Pictures are great! You are one hot mama...keep up the good work!
  4. ktspencer's Avatar
    You Look BEAUTIFUL!! WAY to GO!!
  5. tnsweetness's Avatar
    You look fabulous! But I think that you looked great before as well! Great job!
  6. MattsMom17's Avatar
    Thanks for all the nice comments. What a boost to the self-esteem! Yes, I feel pretty great right now. I'm actually looking forward to the time when I'm not thinking about it all the time.

    Aren't we all our worst critic?? We all have that vision in our heads of what we looked like before the weight gain. A friend of mine showed me a picture of when she first started out in her career (a size 10 like I was too). Wow she looked FAB! But then she had a baby, moved to St. Louis from 'home', and wa-la, she's a size 16-18. She told me then, "This is the person I see when I look in the mirror." I've thought about that comment a lot over the years. The picture in my head is of the first few years after I married DH. I am now nearly there again. Of course, I'll never see 128 lbs again (wt when we married), but I'll never see the age of 25 again either!! Life goes on, stuff happens. But I am more content with the way I look now that I have in YEARS.

    You are all so KIND.