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Son said to me yesterday, "Man you're skinny!" as he was walking out the door. I was wearing floppy slippers, jeans, and a baggy XL sweatshirt...go figure. Especially love hearing this from him.

I am eating around 2000 calories a day and am seeing no change in the scale. This amazes me because every morning I expect a gain. I have cleared every food I wanted to try -- will venture forth with something new over the weekend.

Getting rid of all of my former dress pants. Tried taking in a few pair, but they just look ridiculous, like riding chaps or something. I'd rather buy new than pay to have them taken in by a pro; would end up costing the same.

A few favorite tops from last summer will have to go. They look like I'm a little kid wearing my 'big sisters' clothes or something. Sad to see one top in particular go into the Goodwill bag, but it is just sad on me. Will have to find something FAB to take it's place.

REALLY need at least one new bra. ONE, yep ONE, from a few years back does fit pretty well. Still wearing sport bras till I can find the time to shop.

Can't wait for SUMMER to get here to start wearing the new capris I bought last weekend.

Facing pizza night again....I'm making the 'BIG salad' (hubby called me Elaine this morning). I'm adding everything to it, including the really high fat Marie's chunky bleu cheese dressing. Mmmmm. (But will be enjoying said pizza in TWO MORE WEEKS!)

I love being able to encourage co-workers who are just starting on hcg!! One sweetheart has lost 8.1 lbs since Saturday! WOWOWOW! (Please visit her; I know she'll be on the forum over the weekend since she really hasn't the time during the week -- cornwellm is her user name.)

Thanks, and blessings, good weigh-in's, great losses to all!

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  1. lawgal's Avatar
    Make yourself a pizza so you can have some too! I hear that cheese crust/cauliflower crust pizza is amazing. Can't wait to make that one myself

    Make sure you keep blogging cause your success keeps me positive that P3 will be ok...
  2. Julz36's Avatar
    Good job. I am with you...every morning I expect a gain but I am exactly the same as the day before. I guess NOT cheating in phase 2 and making good choices in phase 3 really does work. Not really looking forward to round 2 again in June but I am only 20 pounds away from my goal weight so I will put my big girl pants on and just get it done!

    Isn't AMAZING to go through your closet and get rid of clothes that you were wearing just a couple months ago? I love closet shopping!

    Have a great weekend!