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Weird, but I don't have much to share...I'm usually quite prolific (like I need to mention it at all).

Since beginning P4, I've dabbled in adding starches and have definitely added sugar - just not a lot each day. Every day I've indulged in two or three chocolate Easer eggs (those are gone now), a few jelly beans, and even Milky Way single bites (two). I've tried sweet potato, whole wheat bread, skim milk, pears, honey in greek yogurt (last night), and other starches or foods with some sugar added. No remarkable gains, and the few gains I've had are explained by lack of activity in the bathroom, or not enough water, and with corrections are gone the next day. On Sunday, I even had two slices of whole wheat french toast with s/f syrup and on the last few bites I drizzled a bit of real syrup. YUM!

I'm a bit afraid to try pasta because I know once I add that back into my diet, it will become a weekly mainstay. I want to wait a few more days to try adding it. My anniversary is Friday (22 years on 5/6) so I may indulge then depending on where we dine. Leaving the choice of eating establishment to DH -- but told him NO FAST FOOD PLACES.

I added Digestive Enzymes and Acidophilus Probiotics to the supplements I take. I can't yet wrap my mind around spending $1 a day on L-Carnitine supplements, and thanks to lawgal's research, find that I'm eating the foods that have L-Carnitine in them, so will put that off for now. I don't know if the added supplements are assisting in my stability or not.

Yesterday there was an employee appreciation luncheon at the University where I work and my boss asked me to accompany her. She is also in P4, but farther ahead than me. She is able to eat granola bars, and gobs of other stuff (pizza to mention one thing I miss) with no gains. I went with fear and trembling. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, etc. All the bad-for-you-stuff you can imagine PLUS root beer or orange soda floats (instead of the traditional sheet cake). I thought I'd faint from the sight of it all. But I was good. I had a burger with tomato and mayo (no bun), TWO onion rings (wow/yum), a small scoop of potato salad (wish I'd skipped it - wasn't great), and the smallest frosted brownie in the pan (abt 1.5" square). I ate the brownie VERY slowly, and enjoyed every morsel. Ate clean other than that.

Today's weigh-in was a bit frightening, but I can report NO GAIN. Exactly the same as yesterday -- 146.7.

I find clothes shopping especially satisfying. I bought a trendy knit wrap sort of thing to wear rather than the traditional cardigan with whatever I have on under it (it is ALWAYS COLD in my office - year round). Got several compliments on it yesterday. I would not usually buy trendy, mainly because trendy stuff only REALLY looks good on thin people. The lighter knits, IMO for fat people, they just look stuffed into them - myself included! But the fat is gone, and people are calling me "skinny" so I thought, what the heck!!

One last item -- the big reveal to family. My husband's family is planning on a trip to the cemetery to visit DH's mother's grave. She died last year (4/9). Dad is, of course, missing her greatly. So sister-in-law thought it would be nice for all of us to go and put flowers on her grave and then have lunch after. (PIZZA!) I was hoping to put off the "reveal" till Father's Day when I could wear a new pair of capris and a new top and really show my new form. But it's still a bit chilly here, so will have to settle for whatever the weather dictates. The reason I mention this at all is because, for lack of a better way to say it, I'm not a family favorite among the "in" people of DH's family, in particular said S-I-L, and her grown daughters. They're the ones who are the gossip mongers. We all have them don't we? Anyway, I want to look my very best (and skinniest if that's possible). For the family members who love me (and I them), it will be a thrill. And for those who don't, it give me sweet satisfaction in a different way. Pardon me for the total self-centeredness of these last comments, but I have been the object of disdain for too long not to get at least some satisfaction from it. There, I said it and it is what it is. :p

The big reveal to my family, all of whom I love and love me, will be oh so sweet -- that's coming on June 4 -- family reunion. Planning ahead on what I'll wear to that too!

Thanks all for taking the time to read about my rather bland life. It gives me a place to vent, share, and be encouraged. I hope I am a support to all of you as well. Even if I don't comment on your blogs, I am reading them, all of my "friends" and many others I've subscribed to too! (So much for not having much to share...)

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  1. shadowcat410's Avatar
    So, are you finding that the more often you eat sugar, your cravings are increasing? Or do you feel they are controllable?

    I don't think sugar is my problem, though, it's the carbs. The heavenly delish white bread, white pasta, potato chips, etc.
    (can you tell this is my last day in P2) ??? ;-)
  2. lawgal's Avatar
    Congratulations on your anniversary! Looks like you are rockin P4! Hope I do that well... althought I will only be on it for like a week and then I am starting P2 again to get it over with. Make sure to report on how the big reveal goes ;-)
  3. MattsMom17's Avatar
    So far I don't really "crave" sugar. My weakest time of day is between when I get home from work and when dinner is ready (3:30 - 6:00ish). I really want a snack then, and I want what's fast and handy. But since this diet, I've not really 'snacked' that much. That's the time when I've had the small bits of candy mentioned, but only because it happens to be in bowls on the mantle in the kitchen. :) We'll see how I do once I'm out of P4, and supposedly eating like a normal person. (whatever normal is) BTW...I stopped tracking calories about five or six days ago. I'm eating oatmeal every morning. Not sure what to try next. I won't try anything white till I'm out of the three weeks of P4, and then sparingly. May try brown rice tonight.

    I'll let you know about the big reveal. Those that don't like me will simple not say anything, since they really don't talk to me anyway. :)
    Updated May 3rd, 2011 at 03:31 PM by MattsMom17