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Beginning of VLCD10 Round 4

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Can;t believe the sort of week I've had. Being under the weather is not convenient. ha ha but it really helps you appreciate the good days.
Gained 2 lbs this week. Lost them yesterday. Back to 206.6. Hoping to crack this 200 barrier. Would be happy to lose atleast another 11 lbs before this is over. Have 11 more days. Should be able to do it. Keep on truckin! that's what I always say.
Rain finally stopped. I do believe the weather plays a big part in my attitude. Wish it didn't, but that's how it is. Need to pump those Vit D or get outside. Sort of hard to get sun where there is none. But not today! It's so bright out. Need to get off here and go out there.
Had a high protein day yesterday. Will do it again today. Hopefully will get this ball rolling again.
For those of you wondering. It's all in your head as to how successful you will be. You! YOU have to make up your mind and go for it. Don't give in. I went to a party last night with only desserts and had NONE! Just a glass of water thank you. Didn't even think about it while there. Not bothered at all. I did remove myself from the serving area. Left feeling so awesome! Came home and thought I was hungry. Decided to go to bed. Figured if I was then I'd wake up and eat something. NOPE! Slept the whole night. and that's a first all week.
Give it all you've got! YOU! make the plan and make it work.

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  1. Vineeta's Avatar
    Weather plays a big factor into my attitude too. I love grey days, but I live in a place with sunshine so often. Not looking forward to summer here at all. Way, way too hot for me.
    Funny how the mind can make or break us. I was at Sam's Club last night. My guy wanted a hot dog and I wasn't even tempted to have any of the offerings there. Same thing at a get together last week, (I was P3 then), but the only thing I had were two glasses of wine, nothing else even tempted me. Now, I think I'm not even tempted with the wine.
    A full, decent night of sleep sounds heavenly. That does tease me.
  2. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    Sounds like you are on the right track to me! Be proud of yourself for doing so well! Thanks for the reminder that it's all in my head!
  3. Deana's Avatar
    For me it is just not worth it to cheat. And you are correct, it is up to you and all in your head!.. I see the long picture, I want to be skinny...and wear those skinny clothes..and if I put something bad in my mouth..I will never get there! GOOD JOB!!!!