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Don't read this if you are hungry! 3 LB Gain overnight!

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So.......Woke to a 3 LB GAIN! yup you read that right. I know why for the most part, but before you start judging me let me see if I can make verbal sense of it all. Yesterday I decided to have some bread. Not just bread, but carrot bread with nuts and raisins. Small, but still, come on you say, What were you thinking? not! that was the problem. I then had a protein shake with fage. Have decided the fage is my problem, dairy intolerance, hence the fage has got to go. Lunch I had some pizza. Ok, now you are sure I've gone over the edge. Yup, but it was very thin crust, spinach, mushrooms, low fat cheese. Touted as Low Fat. ha ha it's still a carb, starch, fungus etc.
Snack I had a tart green apple with Almond Butter. Usually that is ok, but I think with the carbs it was not a good thing to have for the day. Dinner we went out with our oldest son and wife. Hey, how could we not, he works with us, we see little of them outside of work, and it was for Mothers Day. We went to Tucanos. Awesome Brazilian food, tons of meat. Though the meats are cooked with sugar I am sure, after my first bite of chicken I knew I was in trouble. I was careful after that, had 3 grilled shrimp, some turkey wraped w/bacon, all about 2 to 3 bite sized pieces. Garlic Sirloin, full of salt, way tooooo salty for me. See this place comes around to your table with meats on a skewer and slice of a bite or two. I thought I was being careful. I then moved onto the salad bar. I felt like I was making great choices. Spinach salad with strawberries, mixed veggies, green salad with ranch, some more strawberries and tomato. Dessert she brought out complimentary chocolate dipped strawberries. So all in all, outside of hcg protocol, it was a fairly great day. Not too damaging. Ha ha joke on me. I woke so swollen, SALT WATER RENTENTION, etc. I woke with numb hands and face because of the retention. Have not had that in 6 months since doing hcg. Today, damage control!!!! Took two green tea tablets, drank 3 glasses of water, had 1 whole egg with 2 whites scrambled with onion powder, pepper and a handfull of wilted spinach. Finally feel like the water is beginning to leave my hands. I look terrible. I feel tired. Wow! Won't be going back there for a long time if at all. So what did I do wrong? I woke up the critters in my body. The fungus, yeast, whatever sugar critters. I really need to rethink this whole process and make some changes. This morning I started out re-reading the book I'd forgotten I purchased last fall....HCG Queen Speaks by Dr. Cary Circh, PhD. You may want to get it for yourself. I ordered it from Amazon. Is that ok to suggest that on here? I guess Jared will let us know if not. Ugh.....well, we've always said HCG is a journey to finding the real you! ha ha ...and I can tell you this morning was too much of a reminder of the "old me". I have learned a valuable lesson. I'm repenting. Please be kind to me with your comments. jk... lol I'm fine. Just sharing so you can all learn from my mistakes. Change is in the air. I'm on A WAR PATH WITH MYSELF AND THIS FAT! I know I will win, because I'm a winner.

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  1. Lia Nemeth Deneau's Avatar
    Love your post! Thanks so much for sharing... I think we all fall of the wagon at one time or another!
  2. Grammie50's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! To me the difference in myself now that I am on the HCG journey is that I recongnize my "old" bad behaviors and correct them immediately. In the past you probably would not have weighed after a day like yesterday. I know I didn't and by the time I braved the scale the amount gained was more like 10 and I had lost the wagon! So as long as you (we) get back on immediately I feel we have won!

    Make it a great day!
  3. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    A valuable lesson is the best gift of all!!!! I, too, fell off the wagon because three of my four sons and wife (fourth son is living out of town) came to take me out to dinner and we went to my favorite food MEXICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first thing I ate were the chips and dip!!!! From there I split a chili renello and cheese enchilada with my mother....and lets not forget the refried beans but no rice! Three good tings happened for me which were lessons as well. 1. I didn't want a margarita.....or even a shot of tequila....which was the first time in my life at a Mexican restaurant. 2. I couldn't even finish the half of my plate. and most of all 3. I had this coating of fat on the roof of my mouth that was really uncomfortable. It was LOVELY being with my boys, and the food was good and a nice change from what I had been eating for the past 20 days of VCLD but getting back on the horse is not only difficult, but welcomed!!!!! The entire experience cost me .8 pounds but the lessons learned were much more valuable!