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VLCD 3 begins

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Have not been hungry much at all this round. These drops are awesome! and I am very careful to drink my water and keep the mouth dry after the drops for 30 minutes. It may be making the difference. Who knows?
Just trying to be patient this week as this week will be the loss of the extra weight I gained after loading and the weight I gained during P3 last time. I really want this next P3 to be a success. I believe it will be. Last round was weird. I'm not blaming the injections, I just think my body was struggling. It was interesting to talk to some of my family and hear how worried they were, not just dh, but all of them. I just didn't act like myself. I didn't feel well and and was glad to end the round short. I think this time since I am going 23 instead of 40 it should be better. Long round after long round for me did not seem to good. Drink. I can't stress that enough. And make it water.
Well, off for a big day in the yard. Won't overdue because I don't want to stall or gain. dh is so understanding of my energy level. He has been very supportive. Thanks to all the encouragement from my family and my hcg friends on here.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Maxine, hi! Glad to hear the drops are working well for you. Where did you get yours? I'm doing another clean up round, 23 day, after a month long vacation--eating anything and everything I wanted, so I'm there with ya, sweetie. I so agree the shorter rounds are much easier to wrap your head around. And I've always said, much of this diet is mental. Keep up the good work, don't wear yourself out in the yard. I need to be out there too!
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    Yes, do spill the beans on the drops. And good luck this round.
  3. Maxine's Avatar
    Its still a bit early to tell, but I think they are working. I'm not hungry. No cravings.
    Yavaone from hCG-Drops.net They are homeopathic. Pretty strong though. no alcohol
    Good luck to you too!

    It is mental. Very much so. And such a learning experience. I don't know what I've enjoyed more...losing the weight or learning about myself. Does that sound selfish? I love to analyze things and figure out why??? ha ha Just is..awesome! Hope to make the things I've come to change, permanent. It's important to be on top of this so we don't slip back. Regaining 8 lbs this past P3 was awful and so sad. I really got down about it. It didn't seem fair after working so hard. But, now that I look back at my journal....I was not true to the diet as I should have been. skipping here or there, adding here or there to make up for the skip. and yes, cheating. Thinking it would not really matter. You must be strict. Or you sabatoge yourself. No one else does it to you. Just you. So love the new life! Go straight ahead! Don't look back.