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Century Club

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@grammy...It was chessecake. A lot of cheesecake! I enjoyed it the first day but the second day I forced it down as hCG really kills my apatite. LIW was 290.5 (2 days ago) I weighed in today 288.5 and tomorrow I start eating P3. I WON'T be eating any cheesecake! I considered mixing another vial and doing a long round but I'm already down 32.1 pounds so I guess I will instead be happy and stabilize for 6 months at this weight. With all I've learned it is SO GREAT to know the formula to stay in control of my weight and after being morbidly obese most of my life this knowledge it's self is liberating and only 2 more rounds (EASY) to reach my goal it is no problem!
@Jonathan Your doing an incredible job and have a great attitude. (I peaked at your blog) Keep it up!
@knittingal Having a lot to drop does make everything happen so fast. I love the instant gratification. Its almost like cheating.

Look out P3...Here I come.

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