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  1. Vitamins

    I am on the injection diet, which comes with loads of vitamins and minerals, plus probiotics and enzymes. Do you get all this with the drops? I was just wondering as some friends are interested?

    So far have lost the 1lb a day, much to my surprise and delight!! So day 4, 4lb down.

    Slight panic as I am booked to go out for dinner on day 23, which is 2 days after the injections when I am meant to still be on the very low calories. We are going to an Indian restaurant. ...
  2. First week of hcg injections

    Weight after fatloading : 11.13lb; 167lb; 76kg!! + 5lb
    Weight loss on Day 4 of injections : - 4lb
    Weight loss on Day 5 of injections : - 2lb

    Day 5 already and so far so good. Much easier than I expected eating only 500 calories a day. Bit peckish first thing, but then I have my apple at 10.00am and a breadstick at 11.30am. Chicken and rocket lettuce for lunch and dinner and an apple at 4pm as a snack.

    Did feel slightly bored with the food today but ...

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  3. Starting out on P1

    Starting weight : 11st 8lb with I think is 75kg or 165.2lb
    Height : 5'2" or 157.48 cm
    Age : too old to admit

    Sorry I am doing this in retrospect, mainly to get my head organised.

    Started on a course of nutrients which come in the injection pack and eating normally.
    Eating normally for 7 days and taking the tablets.

    Quite nice this hcg diet. No problems at all so far
  4. cynical dot com

    Well, after great persuasion by my medically qualifed daughter, I have agreed to try the hcg diet with prescribed injections.

    Very nervous and unsure from the start and spent hours researching the internet, only to find more criticism than recommendations

    Concerns - yo yo dieting, starving myself only to put all the weight back on at the end, that you would lose weight anyway on a 500 calorie diet, all hype, all money making profiteers behind it, another diet scam, ...