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This is the year I do this

July 12

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Not sure what tomorrow will bring, I plan on cheating tonight and I just won't be able to help myself.
Having fresh picked sweet corn tonight, my all time favorite food. fresh sweet corn doesn't last long around these parts, 3 week is usually tops, so I gotta get it while I can.... I never buy it unless its fresh picked.

Going to try to eat only protein and lots of water till dinner time. And just corn and a little beef for dinner and see what happens.

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Updated July 12th, 2012 at 05:50 AM by mcrider1996



  1. cynm's Avatar
    Don't do it!!! STEP AWAY FROM THE CORN!!! those few bites are not going to be worth it ...the corn will be there next yr! now is the time to stay strong and lose this weight!!!!!
  2. mcrider1996's Avatar
    LOL cynm....I did it. but I made sure I enjoyed every mouth full and didn't just pig out.