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Anyone Loading Aug. 30 & 31??

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OMG Momo!! So glad ypu went to the DR!! Try to get lots of rest (maybe you'll lose good too from the rest! It looks like just about everyone has gone missing...boy give us P3 people food and were OUT OF HERE! lolUOTE=momoffive;185983]Well, I'm down .6. I'll take it after that .8 gain. I went to the doc and I have Walking Pneumonia! A couple more days and I would have been in the hospital! I feel like I've been run over with a truck, who then backed up to check out the bump and didn't see me so he took off again!! Haha Atleast I still have a sense of humor. Well, I'm off to laying down!! Hope everyone has great losses and a wonderful day!![/QUOTE]

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