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Do people honestly not realize how bad diet soda is for them ?!??!

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  1. woohoo's Avatar
    I dont think so!! Its funny cause my Dad used to drink atleast 4 Pepsi a day....stopped and lost 20lbs. He then switched to Coke Zero thinking it would be better! He went on HCG a couple months ago and of course couldnt have any! He went through withdrawl and ended up having crazy muscle spasms all over his body. He hasnt gone back! I agree with you completely!
  2. MeganP's Avatar
    it boggles my mind! eek why would you put that in your body!? I dont even drink booze with pop!
  3. Newjulie's Avatar
    HI Megan,

    I was an avid drinker of Diet Coke or Tab, back in the day! It is a way for us to get that sweet fix without the calories and its refreshing. But NO, most of us dont realize how bad it is for us. I became more dependent on it when I went on HCG bc I needed something to make me feel full. I realized I had a problem when I had a case of it in each of my offices and at home and in my car...just in case. It certainly is tastynow with the Vanilla and Cherry flavors and no calories but after reading a bunch of stuff on line, I knew it had to go. I was determined to get healthy all the way. I felt terrible for over a month but did manage to drop it --- I still miss it though and hope I dont have any long term negative effects from it.