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The Weekley Deets 2

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Day 10 VLCD 8..........210.3 (-1.6)
Day 11 VLCD 9..........209.2 (-1.1)
Day 12 VLCD 10........208.3 (-0.9) TOM Day 1
Day 13 VLCD 11........207.5 (-0.8) TOM Day 2
Day 14 VLCD 12........206.6 (-0.9) TOM Day 3
Day 15 VLCD 13........207.2 (+0.6) TOM Day 4
Day 16 VLCD 14........206.8 (-0.4) TOM Day 5
3.5 ls lost this week. hmmm?

So I thought this this week was pretty painless. I also started to regard Dr. Simeons protocol more so than Dr. McCleans which allowed me to weigh my meat raw at 5oz . 3/15, D15, VLCD 13 was the first day I started weighing my protien portion at 100g. I also took a shot of Whiskey but I lost .4 the next day. Also, I think that being my TOM made my loss slow. I took my brothers to NYC yesterday and wasn't able to drink as much water as usual. Also, something magical happened. Finally...my stomach "shrank". I was so worried that this wasn't going to happen and now I am super stoked. This happened. Its easy peasy now. And I have stood strong even though my brothers have eaten pizza, calzones, and all kinds of delisicous crap in front of me. We all are impressed with my will power!

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