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The weekly deets!

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Day 1: Loading day 1 222.0
Day 2: Loading day 2 224.2
Day 3: VLCD 1 222.1 (-2.1)
Day 4: VLCD 2 220.7 (-1.4)
Day 5: VLVD 3 216.3 (-4.4) Yeah, this is cool.
Day 6: VLCD 4 214.3 (-2.0)
Day 7: VLCD 5 213.0 (-1.3)
Day 9: VLCD 7 211.9 (-1.1)
12.3 lbs lost in 8 days

Okay, so this is doing pretty good for me. This really is almost a dream come true. I have never ever lost weight this fast the only thing that would make it perfect is being able to eat my toasted everything bagel with sausage egg and cheese from my favorite bagel joint, pizza for lunch and chinese food for dinner (ohhhh how I miss you Pork Chow Fun). Oh yes, and macaroni and cheese for a late night snack and cake (any kind will do) for tea time. Yes, that would make this diet an absolute dream come true.

But since it is not, this is also a reminder that this diet is the solution to my problem because its not a "magic pill". I still have to be completely mindful of what I put in my mouth and how this will ultimately effeect my bod bod. And this differenciation is what makes this diet the real deal. I feel like I have an ace up my sleeve with these drops and there is noooo way I am going to give up since I know this is probably my last chance to lose weight.
Before I started this diet I thought to myself, "If this doesn't work, if I can't help myself this time....I will off myself." Now I am starting to feel like I will live to see my next birthday. I am starting to feel better and I dont want to take my zoloft anymore. I also am soooo grateful for the people that I have met online and who I can really confide in without being judged. Its like I have a whole bunch of sisters close by!

My goal for the week since my little brothers (22 and 24) are going to be staying with me now, I have to do my hardest in accomadating their needs as well as my own...FIRST! I will follow the Protocol as meticulously as I did this first week. Its been a while since I completed something important to me, I will continue to choose this path as hard as it is until I am finished. In 32 days, if I dont reach 185 lbs, I will not be upset and will finish the diet and then begin round 2 with my new found sisters.

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