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Day 19

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So I'm actually pretty shocked that I lost weight today. I made a few mistakes. here is what I ate:

- 100g beef, with about 6 asparagus stalks broken into the size of green beans and mashed in and microwave with lots of pepper on top, yum!!!
- Strawberry-lemon sorbet. Yep SORBET! It made a ton! So 10 ice cubes, 1 lemon, about 6 strawberries, with stevia. This is the first time I ever used stevia and I got the packets that contained dextrose! Darnit!
- 1 Apple
- 100g organic chicken cut into tiny pieces and put on spinach leaves
- homemade (not very good!) honey mustard dressing. But I made it wrong. Again, I accidentally used the stevia that contains dextrose (grr!), plus I had no idea what bragg liquid aminos was. Go here for this girls awesome salad dressing recipes: http://hcg-diet-journey.blogspot.com...e-recipes.html

I also was unable to take my shot yesterday- oops! Oops lol and I haven't taken it today yet either, yikes I better do that now.

SBennett- Nice!! I read Dr. Simeon's protocol but could not find it anywhere where he said 10 stalks of asparagus and up to 10 strawberries- are you absolutely sure? Thanks for all the information!

This weekend will be the ultimate test! I've already made it through 2 birthdays without cheating. But this weekend I am going away for basically a 3 day birthday party at a cabin, with about 30 people, and lots and lots and lots of booze, barbeque and pigging out the entire time. I'm making spaghetti and meatballs for everyone tomorrow night. And french bread- my favorite! I can't believe how fast this 21 days has gone by. Almost halfway to P3! I considered giving up at the 23 day mark and going into P3, but I know that this time around I have it in me to do a 43 day round. LAST TIME I did NOT have it in me, as I was struggling from the very beginning, and I chose to continue on anyways, and ended up cheating the entire time and then ignoring all the P3 rules and gaining it back fast. So, one day at a time

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